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  • Divine Mother Energy
  • Prosperity Event Invitation
  • Spirit of Brandon Tartikoff
  • Quickie Chick Interview
  • Video Testimonial: Lexi & Wally the Skateboarding Bulldog

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On the set of Ancient Tomorrow: Aiden is the psychic investigator searching for ancient green technologies to power our future. 

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Lexi & Wally the
Skateboarding Bulldog

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With the celebration of Mother's Day this weekend, I thought it would be a great opportunity to acknowledge that Moms are the original healers. Mothers are true healers in all ways. From giving us her energy while we are in the womb, to sending us love healing energy from her heart when we are sick, hurt or afraid. In my healing sessions in the last few weeks an abundance of mother healing energy is coming through. It is a nurturing healing energy that presents itself to me as comforting angelic blue light. Many define this energy as divine mother energy, a oneness consciousness of healing feminine love energy. It may be called individually throughout the world as different names and personalities: Mother Nature, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and many more.  This energy also brings out our own ability to self soothe, access the living love within ourselves and inspires us to  nurture our own hearts and dreams. 

When you are unable to receive some love healing from Mom, you may connect to this universal energy by taking a deep breath and imagining a blue light surrounding you... like a healing hug of love from the universe. If your mother has passed-on to the other side she can still send you love energy. Just think of her, feel her in your heart and tune in to those beautiful feelings you felt in her presence. Her soul consciousness will send you nurturing love. Or, if you would rather connect to the same energy from the universe, call to the Divine Mother and ask for some love. Try it, it feels great!

Happy Mother's Day to all!


Back again by popular demand!
Pennies from Heaven...
a Group Healing Event for Prosperity
with Healer - Intuitive AIDEN CHASE

-   SUNDAY May 20th at 8pm  -
AUSPICIOUS DAY! On this night there will be a powerful Solar Eclipse Astronomical Alignment that happens only once in approximately 26,000 years! During this alignment we may connect to new energy for prosperity and healing!

Boost your joy and energetic abilities to attract and manifest! True riches are of many kinds... money, health, happiness, love, friendships, family, wisdom and spiritual wealth. Prosperity and abundance circulate through the universe and through all our lives... it is a never ending flow of giving and receiving. Ask and you shall receive!

Please join me for this special transformational Prosperity Healing Event. Together and through channeled energy healing we will clear blocks limiting your prosperity... then we will connect and align to the frequency of prosperity and ask for health, wealth, love and well-being. This is a perfect chance for you to be a part of  the flow and share your good energy too! Come experience the power, magic and beauty of a group dynamic. The angels, guides and ancestors of all participants will join us... sharing their healing and guidance with everyone. We will all have fun with great music, conversation and peaceful meditation. Everyone is welcome, whether you need healing, want to bring light to your dreams, or would just like to experience oneness. Come relax, renew and restore... Tea and cookies to follow.

$80 per person. At a private home in the Little Holmby/Westwood area.

Space is limited. Please call me ASAP to reserve your space 310-470-9515



I am honored to communicate with the passed-on spirit of Hollywood legendary Paramount/NBC Television Executive Brandon Tartikoff. He gives wise spirit guidance periodically during readings with extra enthusiasm for my entertainment industry clients. He passionately encourages that we never give up and follow our wishes and dreams! If you can dream it, you can do it! Calling all Hollywood industry professionals, actors, writers, producers and anyone who appreciates strategic business wisdom... perhaps Brandon has some helpful guidance for you and your projects!

Brandon Tartikoff (1949 – 1997) was a visionary television executive credited with revitalizing NBC in the 1980's with acclaimed hit TV series including:
Seinfeld, The Cosby Show, Cheers, Family Ties, ALF, The Golden Girls, Miami Vice, Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, Knight Rider, The A-Team and St. Elsewhere. He left NBC in 1991 to become Chairman of Paramount Pictures.  


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Looking forward to seeing you for a healing, intuitive psychic reading or house clearing appointment soon! Together let's tune in for guidance from your spirit guides and boost your energy for an amazing summer!

Wishing you love and happiness always,

Aiden Chase


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