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  • Prosperity Event Invitation 9/16
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As we move into another hot spell of an Indian summer... August marks the one year anniversary of my newsletter! I hope you have enjoyed the newsletter as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.  If there are topics or something you would like to see in my newsletter, please send me a note!


I am pleased to announce that I have been working on my book! It is forming into a comprehensive and whimsical DIY guide to intuition and energy. It has been a powerful process for me that feels like I have been quilting together pieces of my own energy experiences and time-tested techniques, both basic and epic, collected from many lifetimes.  To assist me in the writing process, I have been using the energetic technique of sutras, much like mantras, to help organize my thoughts, and create flow. For example: "Writing is fun and easy" and "Clear and concise wisdom emerges from my soul" has been a great help!
A sutra denotes a composition of usually short statements and literally means a thread or line that holds things together. The word sutra is derived from the verbal root siv-, meaning 'to sew' or 'suture.' A favorite technology of ancient Yogis, sutras are a great way to keep a series of ideas or constructs clear and concise while helping to access and propel a forward flow of intentional energy. 

As we have all been sensing and experiencing, the world has been tense and stress-filled lately - fueled by predictions of impending planetary dramas. No need to fear! As I have been instructed by my "spirit team" of angels and guides, we may overcome or avoid these dramas by getting focused on raising our individual and collective consciousness by increasing our joy and becoming more heart centered. Sutras are a great way to help get us all through these next few potentially roller coaster months intact, focused and at peace. Let's make a point to find so much joy in all that we do that it keeps us happily in stitches!

5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age:

From the tradition of Kundalini Yoga and designed specifically for these next few months...

1. Understand through compassion, otherwise you might misunderstand the times.

2. Recognize that the other person is you.

3. When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.

4. There is a way through every block.

5. Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path.


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AHAlife, best described as The Barney's New York version of Amazon, is an online discovery destination where you can learn about and purchase the best unique products and services from around the world. Collectively "curated" by influential tastemakers... such as Donna Karen, Daniel Boulud, Tim Gunn and Tina Brown. I am honored that my work has been curated by AHAlife's CEO and founder Shauna Mei. My "Intuitive Psychic Readings" are now featured on their site and have been very well received!

Back again by popular demand!
Pennies from Heaven...
a Group Healing Event for Prosperity
with Healer - Intuitive AIDEN CHASE

-   Sunday September 16 at 7pm  -
Co-create a prosperous Fall! True riches are of many kinds... money, health, happiness, love, friendships, family, wisdom and spiritual wealth. Prosperity and abundance circulate through the universe and through all our lives... it is a never ending flow of giving and receiving. Ask and you shall receive!

Please join me for this special transformational Prosperity Healing Event. Together and through channeled energy healing we will clear blocks limiting your prosperity... then we will connect and align to the frequency of prosperity and ask for health, wealth, love and well-being. This is a perfect chance for you to be a part of the flow and share your good energy too! Come experience the power, magic and beauty of a group dynamic. The angels, guides and ancestors of all participants will join us... sharing their healing and guidance with everyone. We will all have fun with great music, conversation and peaceful meditation. Everyone is welcome, whether you need healing, want to bring light to your dreams, or would just like to experience oneness. Come relax, renew and restore... Tea and cookies to follow.

$80 per person. At a private home in the Little Holmby/Westwood area.

Space is limited. Please call me ASAP to reserve your space 310-470-9515


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To purchase Energy Alchemy by Aiden Chase products please visit my online store.

I look forward to seeing you for a healing, intuitive psychic reading or house clearing appointment soon! Together let's tune-in for guidance from your spirit guides and rejuvenate your energy for an amazing fall!

From my heart to yours,

Aiden Chase


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