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  • Aiden's Energy Academy Workshop Invitation
  • BlackBook Magazine Article
  • Video Testimonial: Dr. David

Aiden Chase

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"The Tropical Island Healing Meditation"

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Dr. David Villarreal, DDS
To view: click here.

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  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Psychic Readings
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  • Home & Office Clearing
  • Fertility Energy Work
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For years, clients and friends have been asking me to teach workshops about energy and healing. So, I am pleased to officially announce that I have started Aiden's Energy Academy Workshops. March 9th will be the inaugural workshop! These classes will be super fun, filled with light and laughter. I am excited to share my decades of collecting and remembering ancient skills and knowledge, my inner wisdom that has emerged and my time tested tools and techniques. I have honed it all down into simple, easy and fun energy techniques you can learn for creating a more joyful, healthy and prosperous life. Come bring out your inner wizard and be an energy mover and shaker! There will be 3 parts with different collections of topics and energy techniques over the next few months...



Saturday March 9, 2013 
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Come for a day of learning and fun!

Learn how to....
  • Successfully define your energy boundaries for a better life
  • Effortlessly clear and expand your energy field
  • Easily clear, balance and rejuvenate your chakras
  • Protect your energy field, image and home with confidence
  • Create powerful holographic protection force fields
  • Smoothly cut unhealthy or obsolete energy cords to others
  • Recognize and clear people who are energy vampires
  • Safely and easily banish spirits, ghosts and negative energy
  • Fearlessly & efficiently handle strange energy sensations or bumps in the night when you awake from sleeping
  • Meet and communicate with Archangel Michael
  • Call for assistance and help from your spirit guides
  • Become energetically self-empowered... and much more!

Includes a delicious Buffet Luncheon!

Please call 310-470-9515 to RSVP and pre-pay with a credit card at reservation. 

Space is limited. These events will be held at a home in the Little Holmby/Westwood area.


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Check out a new article written about me in BlackBook Magazine.  Titled: Celebrity Psychic Aiden Chase on What to Expect in 2013. Thanks Jimmy Im for writing a great article! To read, Click here

I look forward to seeing you for a healing, intuitive psychic reading, house clearing appointment or business intuitive consulting session soon! Together let's tune-in for life enhancing guidance from your higher self, your spirit guides and angels!
Of love and healing,

Aiden Chase


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