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  • Ghosts vs. Spirits
  • Spirit Hello: Harry Robinson
  • Protection Products
  • Video Testimonial: Jennifer

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New photos by Jennifer Manley Photography.

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Actress, Jennifer Lyons
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Halloween is a wonderful holiday where in a playful and self-empowered way we challenge our darkest fears by wearing spooky costumes to pretend haunted houses and watch scary horror movies to feel that "chill" of fear. However, Ghosts and Spirits are real and we need not fear them. Halloween is a perfect time to remind us that fear is the opposite of love and love can be a powerful tool that protects and conquers all.   

A ghost is most often the stuck or confused dis-embodied energy of a human who may not understand that they have died due to a tragic event; or they have unfinished business and messages to covey to loved ones; or they chose to not go to the light because of fear they may be judged for wrong doings during their lifetime. 

Spirits are mostly the energy of a passed-on human or animal that has gone to the light and now travel between dimensions to communicate with us. I rarely encounter a spirit that is not from the light. In my experience, 95% of spirits we may feel or even see have the intention to assist us lovingly in some way.

However, there is a darker side. Encountering "bad" or "dark" ghosts or spirits is rare! Some places have increased activity due to remaining residue of fear, anger and negative energy of past or present inhabitants, or incidents, which hold and attract these energies. Negative or dark energy feeds off fear. So that is why they bump in the night, moan and groan, or give us chills to get a rise in fear out of us. "BOO!" Fear is the opposite of love. We need not fear ghosts and spirits. The lesson is for us to raise our consciousness out of our state of fear and become heart centered in a state of empowered self love.  Love and intention clears and protects! ALWAYS! If a ghost or spirit becomes bothersome, you may choose to COMMAND, with love in your heart and in a “no fear” state of mind, for it to leave your space or dream immediately and “go to the light.” Think of something that makes your heart swell with love or makes you laugh. This is dark energy repellant! If you have been sensing ghosts or spirits and are curious about who they may be, their messages for you, or need assistance in clearing your spaces, I would be happy to help... and most importantly heal your fears to rise to a higher state of love.

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Pictured are happy Native American Spirit Orbs presenting themselves on camera all around my feet in La Quinta, Ca. Orbs can be "transportation devices" for energy and spirit.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a fascinating morning tour at the historic Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills. Now a county park, the six acre garden estate was built in 1911 by Virginia and Harry Winchester Robinson of the Robinson's Department Store family. This enchanting property was home to Harry until his passing in 1932 and Virginia until her 100th year in 1977. Amazingly, as we were admiring the loving face in a portrait of Mr. Robinson in the beautiful paneled billiards room, in the back of the pool house (pictured), a waft of air came around us with a distinct sweet smelling fragrance of pipe smoke... It was the spirit of Harry Winchester Robinson himself! What a welcome by a most pleasant and gracious spirit host! He joined us during our entire tour! It always amazes me how happy spirits are when I acknowledge them with love and respect. I am honored to have met him and feel so lucky to have spent time in their magical gardens that were created with so much love! If you take a tour please say a hello to Harry for me!

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Harry Winchester Robinson (1878 - 1932)


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Wishing you the best always,

Aiden Chase


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