Overwhelming Response to Awaken Us
"...for there is the sound of a heavy rain"  I Kings 18:41
"Awaken Us"
Gets Extraordinary Response
without any organized promotion
Dear Friend of Heart for the World,

A few weeks ago, we felt a Spirit-led urgency to finish and send out a Pre-Release of our new song, "Awaken Us" for radio airplay across America. This song is a prayer of humble repentance, and an urgent cry for awakening in our hearts as Christians.  After sending this song out to only 400 radio stations, we almost immediately began to get an overwhelming response we did not forsee... it was a miracle in direct answer to our prayer team's requests before God!

First:  Anne Graham Lotz heard and shared our online listening page with over 100,000 prayer partners who signed up for her "777 Urgent Call to Prayer". Anne wrote, "This song has moved me to tears as it expresses my heart's cry for revival."  What an unexpected blessing upon this new song release!

Click below to listen and read testimonies from other listeners:

Anne Graham Lotz also posted our listening link on facebook where over 2200 people responded to the song and over 1,000 people shared it.  She also tweeted this to more than 9,600 followers which was also re-tweeted numerous times. We are humbled by God's favor on this song.  You can read more comments at the play link above (just click on the picture).

Because of this, as well as getting immediate radio airplay across the country, we were blessed to get a large influx of encouraging emails and responses from faithful prayer warriors who's hearts were stirred by this song's message and production.

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Second: We have also now been told by several nationwide prayer organizations that they would like to use our song to inspire their prayer partners across our nation during some of their national prayer initiatives in the near future.  Each of these organizations have continued to be on the cutting edge of God's heart for our country!

Learn more about these prayer movements as well as read the story that inspired this brand new song. Stay connected with us and other worldwide prayer initiatives through our prayer and revival website at:

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  • Learn about the story that inspired our new song
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We can honestly say, "We hear the sound of a heavy rain coming..."  But only IF, like Elijah, we will put our faces down, humble ourselves, repent, and cry out to God in unity together to heal our land!  We MUST persevere in prayer for a true Heaven-sent revival and awakening to come!
Personal note from Terry:  "As Barbi and I have traveled the globe, we have seen what happens when Christians 'love their enemies' and pray for those who persecute them.  No matter where we go, if people are fervently praying, God is  moving exponentially, and 100's of thousands of people are getting saved!

Revival and Awakening is happening globally everywhere Christians unify in an intensified effort to humbly cry out to God.  Barbi and I are agreeing together along with our prayer team for millions of souls to be saved right here in America!  Will you pray with us?  Reply to this email to get regular updates on prayer or to schedule our 'Concert for Revival' in your city!"

111111Egypt71000allnightprayer01May God richly bless you!

Yours for Family and Revival,

Terry & Barbi Franklin
Musical revivalists to the nations,
"Inspiring Love in the Home &
Revival in the Church"
since 1985

71,000 Egyptian Christians Gathered
All Night for Prayer & Worship outside
the Cave Church in Cairo, Egypt,
praying for their nation!
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