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Kudos! Planning Director Interpretation Upheld
County Commission unanimously supports Planning Director's determination on Ryan Ranch project.

The Alliance gives a shout out to Teton County Commissioners for supporting Planning Director Jeff Daugherty’s determination that the proposed 16,000 square foot house on the Ryan Ranch (the old Puzzleface Ranch) does not comply with County regulations. Fintan Ryan has sued the county in an attempt to bypass Daugherty’s decision.
The Commissioners decision was unanimous. The Planning Director thoroughly reviewed the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) and Comprehensive Plan in light of the specific request from Ryan to define “basement” and “grade.” As recognized by the Commissioners, he fairly and correctly applied criteria from the County LDRs to determine that the manipulation of earthworks cannot be used to enable a 16,000 square foot residential development that exceeds the bulk and scale allowed in rural Teton County.
Mr. Daugherty’s interpretation carries the force of law, and clarifies proper application of the current LDRs and Comprehensive Plan. It is good to see this strong defense of the importance of enforcing our LDRs to protect our community character. Kudos.

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