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April 23, 2013
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From the Pastor
BBQ / Sweet Shop
Children's Ministry
Food Drive
Blood Drive
Preschool News
Book Club
Relay for Life
Grad. / Teacher Recognition

Trinity Soup Kitchen
Family Promise

Sunday's Prayers
Save the Date
In Worship this week
Birthdays / Anniv.
Counseling Center
Save the Date...

APRIL 23 - 7:00 PM
ROOM 112/114

APRIL 23 - 7:00 PM


APRIL 26 & 27

APRIL 27 - 8:00 AM

APRIL 28 - 5:15 PM

APRIL 28 - 5:45 PM
ROOM 112/114

APRIL 28 - 6:00 PM

APRIL 29 - 7:00 PM


APRIL 29 - 11:30 AM

MAY 1 - 2:00 - 7:00 PM

MAY 4 - 7:00 PM



MAY 5 - 12:00 PM
In worship this week...
Acts 11:1-18
John 21:1-19
1 Peter 2:9-10
Birthdays this week:
Louis Peters
Riley Stark
Dan Merriman
Dorothy Edwards
Gracie Downs
Julie Ragon Downs
Zach Zwicky
Kelly Klaren
Mandi Piepmeier

Anniversaries this week:
Robert & Mandi Piepmeier
Steve & Debbie Ruhl
North Georgia Family Counseling Center

Family Wellness
through Counseling, Education and Research

Mt. Carmel proudly supports the North Georgia Family Counseling Center.



Cyndi at Homecoming
You get what you pay for … or more
It was a beautiful day early in the summer—one of those days when you make excuses to stay outside. Our neighbor Doug was lounging next to the new pool in his backyard. He invited our family to join his family poolside, but I had other ideas.
My thumb felt green, and I began digging holes in the backyard for gardenias and hostas. In another section I planted sunflower and zinnia seeds. Ed arrived and dumped a truckload of mulch in the backyard and called Matt and Mark away from their video games to help with my backyard project.

Matt and Mark were not happy about  this. They didn’t care how glorious the day, they did not want to shovel mulch.

This only seemed to increase our neighbor Doug’s enjoyment of the day. I suppose that the only thing better than lounging by the pool with a cool beverage is the added fun of teasing your neighbors as they sweat in the sun.

The day was glorious, though, and a gentle breeze blew as I dug a hole and planted a tomato plant. I smiled, until I caught a whiff of something foul. What was that?

Always optimistic that one day I will grow tomatoes, I continued my project, digging a second tomato hole and then a third. Each time I noticed that the smell had became stronger.

Our neighbor Doug folded his lawn chair and went inside. The pool was no longer appealing. What was that smell?

I abandoned the tomato plants and headed across the yard to Ed, Matt, and Mark. The source of the stink was clear: the mulch.
At that point Ed confessed that the mulch was free.

We still laugh about the summer that our neighbor Doug stayed inside for a month because of the free mulch. I still tease Ed with the saying “you get what you pay for.”

A lot of life is like that. You are told there will be a free lunch and arrive to find that it is paid for with time spent listening to a sales pitch. That summer we paid for the free mulch with our noses instead of with dollar bills.

The funny thing is, sometimes instead of free, we want to give extra. The waiter or waitress delights with good service accompanied by a good attitude. The child at the stand is so earnest that we pay $1.00 for lukewarm and watered down lemonade that would cost ten cents to make at home. We are grateful for their efforts and faithfulness.

This week in worship, at our time of offering, I’ll be asking you to add to your tithe or usual gift a “thankful one.” Put in a dollar bill to say thank you. It’s not a quid pro quo … I had better not hear someone say, “I thought Pastor Cyndi tried hard this morning so I added a tip!”

Instead, take a moment to say thanks. Be thankful for the day, the time of worship, the people with whom you give, and add a “thankful one” to the offering. Then say thank you again, for how God will use these gifts in extraordinary ways.

I'll see you this Sunday,

BBQ / Sweet Shop: 
Friday & Saturday,
April 26 & 27

11:00 AM until sold out!

There is still a need for more helpers, so please contact a member of the United Methodist Men's Club, a United Methodist Women's member, or the church office if you are able to volunteer.

And remember to invite your friends and neighbors to come and eat too!

Flyers are available in hard copy or electronic form from the church office.

Earth DayChildren's Ministry News:

Sunday School:
This week’s, “Peter’s Dream”, lesson is concerned with inclusion and is from Acts 11:1-18. In Biblical times, dreams were considered a way God communicated with people. Peter’s dream helped him understand that God welcomes everyone. Ask your children how they think God speaks to them.

Earth DayEarth Day Fun!
10 children helped Ms. Marian plant flowers last Sunday for Earth Day. They also had fun playing games, taking an un-natural hike and making a craft!

Safe Sanctuary and VBS Training:  
May 5 after 11:00 service or May 18 at 10:00 am

Safe sanctuary training is required for all volunteers who work with or come in contact with youth and children at Mt. Carmel. That includes volunteers and staff working with VBS, Sunday School, nursery, youth group, Family Promise or any other activities involving youth or children.

This certification is good for 2 years for adults. If you did not take the course in 2012, then you need to take it this year. We have a 2012 list in case you don’t remember when you last took the course. All youth volunteers need to take it annually.

VBS training will follow Safe Sanctuary at approximately 1:30 on the 5th and 11:00 on the 18th. VBS training is required. There will probably be an additional training on May 29 for anyone who cannot come on the 5th or the 18th.

Help Stock the Castle for Kingdom Rock

These are some needs for VBS.
Can you supply any of these items? They are needed by May 26.

100 empty 12oz. water bottles
50 large brown paper grocery bags
an 8 foot ladder for day 2 (borrow)
a concrete outdoor bulldog (about 2ft tall)
pool noodles from dollar store (8)
jump ropes (4)
hula hoops (4)  (borrow)
sand buckets  (8)
roll of red duct tape
5 oz paper cups  (500)
wading pool  (borrow)

100 16 oz. light blue Solo cups
Thank you!

Marian Long
Director of Children's Ministries

Food Drive for NCM - Month of April

Current items needed are peanut butter, jelly and cereal (no shredded wheat and no glass jars please.) Please remember NCM while you shop, and leave donations in the NCM box in the church foyer. 

Monetary donations are always needed also.  Please make checks out to Mt. Carmel UMC, marked for NCM. Thank you.

Red Cross Blood Drive
Wednesday, May 1, 2013  
2:00 - 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall

Mark your calendars now to donate blood at our next Red Cross Blood Drive!

Please sign up to donate at, or contact the church office.

Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross blood program!

Preschool News

Dear Friends,

Wow, last week was full of drama and adventure beginning with us being concerned about one of our own. Miss Susan, marathoner extraordinaire, was at the Boston Marathon and diverted at mile 25 keeping her safe from harm. Susan wrote that after the race she was shivering and waiting to connect with a running friend when a man from Boston gave her the coat off his back, then waited with her until her friend arrived. Now that is what I call kindness in action. We were so relieved to hear that Susan was out of harm’s way, but very unnerved by all the injuries suffered. We continue to thank God for Susan’s safety and pray for those who are recovering from their wounds, both physical and emotional. Having Susan in the mix there brought the violence too close to home, didn’t it? We are all thankful for the kind and capable people of Boston and the police, firefighters, and medical people who put others before themselves. It is good to have Susan home again.

We had a super fun trip to the Southeastern Railway Museum and I am thankful for all the parents who joined us. The weather was perfect and we were able to have a tour of the museum, we listened to a story, made a craft, and learned a new song. After that we took a ride on the train and got a feel for what train travel was like long ago. If you haven’t visited the museum, please find time this summer to do something special. You will have to check the website to make sure the museum is open!

We have class photos this week and everyone is invited to come in for an individual photo as well. We hope the weather is good so we can have our pictures taken outside! We love Miss Ashley and always look forward to her visits!

Don’t forget to have BBQ with the Men’s Club this weekend. It will be a wild and wooly place with all the visitors on Friday and we plan to be extra vigilant for the safety of our children!

In joy and love,

Book Club to meet on
May 3rd at 7:00 p.m.

The May meeting of the Mt. Carmel bookclub will be at the home of Patty Merson. (Meet at church at 6:45 to carpool.)

The group is reading "The Arrivals" by Meg Mitchell Moore. Please contact Chris Bolton or Vicki Walden if you'd like to join the group or need more information.

Relay for Life Luminaries

At the Relay for Life, luminaries in honor or memory of our loved ones with cancer will line all of the walkways.

If you would like to purchase a luminary ($10.00 each) please stop by the table in the foyer on Sunday, or contact the church office.

Graduate Recognition /
Teacher Appreciation
May 5th

During worship services on May 5th we will honor our graduates from High School, College and higher, as well as show our appreciation to our teachers who have worked so hard this year!

If you are graduating or know someone who is, please contact the church office with those names. We don’t want to miss anyone!

Mother’s Day Roses

On Mother’s Day, May 12th, the Youth will once again place roses on the altar in honor or in memory of our Mothers.

If you would like to purchase a rose, please fill out the form found in your Sunday bulletins, or contact the church office by May 9, 2013.

Cost is $10.00 which includes vase, single rose with greenery and baby’s breath  (white rose in memory of / red rose in honor of.) Make your check payable to Mt. Carmel UMC marked “Rose”.
All proceeds will go toward the Youth Summer Mission Trip to Cairo, Illinois.

Thank you for supporting our Youth!

Trinity Soup Kitchen - Sunday, June 2

The Mt. Carmel Youth will once again travel to the Trinity Soup Kitchen in Atlanta to serve lunch. This time we will provide a Hot Dog Meal plus sandwiches. If you would like to serve at Trinity and/or donate any items needed, please contact Gail Bolton or sign up on the upcoming bulletin insert. Items needed are listed below.  Thank you!

600 wieners               
600 buns
300 small bags of chips
65 lbs coleslaw
9 lg. cans (177 oz. /ea) vegetarian baked beans 
30 squeeze bottles ketchup
30 squeeze bottles mustard
120 family size black tea bags
20 lbs. sugar

2013 Family Promise Dates:
June 16 - 23 and 
July 21 - August 4

Did you know that families with children make up 41% of the homeless population, or that during the 2011-2012 school year, the Gwinnett County School System accommodated over 2,246 homeless students?

Our summer hosting of Family Promise guests is approaching fast and as you can see, we are hosting Family Promise guests for 3 weeks this summer.

Please put these dates on your calendar so we can help Family Promise end homelessness, one family at a time!


The Worship Committee is seeking a volunteer to act as Usher Coordinator for the church's standard 9:30/11:00 services, as well as for special services throughout the year.

The position is described at

Please contact Pastor Cyndi or Vicki Walden, Chair, Worship Committee, if you are willing to assume the role of Usher Coordinator, as a contribution of love to Mt. Carmel.

Praying for one another

Easley's friends Claire and Dee
Cecelia Davis' co-worker Pat - heart attack & diabetes
Joe Davis' friend Dennis - kidney failure
Judy Bagwell & family - death of her uncle Jim
Victims of earthquake in China
Bailey's son-in-law James - broken wrist and collarbone, and also daughter Diana - caring for James & Calvin (1 yr. old) and 6 months pregnant
Mary Rezzuto's son Tom - seeking a job
Mary Rezzuto's friend Ed - terminal illness
Jerri Phillips' nephew - on life support
Young man that Neil Odom met at Youth Detention Center
Pastor Cyndi's father - knee surgery
Victims of Boston attack & Texas explosion
Daughter of Lori Anderson's co-worker - 9 yr. old - lymphoma
Curt & Jean Raymond: Curt - heart problems / Jean - stroke
BBQ workers
Philip Talbert - cut hand
Alex Proels - recovery from procedure to put in stint
Judy Peck's brother & family - financial struggles
Virginia Mitchell

Chuck & Jerri Phillips - 40th anniversary
Birthday of Karen Weeks and Megan Gallagher
Karen & Gene back in town for awhile
Donna Rivere - thanks for offers of help
Cheryl Martin - good visit with brothers

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