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 A Positive Action for Concerned People

Dear Friends,
"When someone shows you who they are, believe them."  That is Maya Angelou's insightful quote, which I've been thinking a lot about lately. The past 6 weeks have been nothing if not a parade of crystal clear indicators -- windows into the true essence of the administration which now leads the Executive Branch of government.  
Cabinet picks, initiatives, and recent executive orders have already negatively impacted our communities. Students who weren't are now afraid to go to the doctor. Same for their families. NPR did a recent piece on the chilling effects of the rhetoric coming out of Washington and how it has affected our LAUSD families. Health care staff have also been struggling with how to ensure that patients will be safe and served.  
We are The Los Angeles Trust for Children's Health (The L.A. Trust). We proudly stand with all of our wellness partners, and cite UMMA Community Clinic, who for more than 20 years has been committed to providing the best quality care, with dignity and respect, to EVERYONE regardless of their ability to pay.  It is in this tradition they continue now at Fremont High's Wellness Center, and we are all the better for them! Listen to the NPR piece about UMMA and the Fremont Wellness Center here
Yesterday, the President proposed a budget which decimates funding for education, while doubling down on national defense spending.  If our students cannot learn because of an unfunded public education system or a repealed-but-not-replaced health care law, what chance do they have? 
It got all of us at The L.A. Trust thinking: Surely there are others out there feeling like we are -- not sure about what to do, but wanting to do something. So we created a campaign to support our students and families.  It's our $5 FOR THE FIGHT campaign, and its premise is simple: $5 from 50,000 concerned people in 25 days.  Donors share the campaign with 5 people through email or social media, and ask them to do the same.  You can click on the graphic above, or right here to donate.  It's quick and painless, and it sends a direct message that you agree that 1) fact-based reasoning, 2) a respect for science, 3) access to counseling to disrupt the cycles of violence in and upon our communities, 4) appropriate sex education & access to family planning, along with 5) the safe keeping of our communities' families are 5 keys to our children's successful journey into adulthood.
The L.A. Trust for Children's Health is uniquely positioned to make things better for our kids and families. We see who is leading this country and we believe them. That human rights and civil discourse are honored, that equity for all is maintained, that science is respected, and thoughtful policies are enacted -- none of these seem apparent. The question before us is, who does this inspire us to be?
Student Health = Student Success,

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Maryjane Puffer, BSN, MPA
Executive Director
The L.A. Trust for Children's Health


Two of our ToothFairy volunteers flank happy students at our 2nd Annual ToothFairy Convention on February 11th

ToothFairy Convention Yields Smiles, Screenings, and Fun 

The L.A. Trust was gratified as hundreds of LAUSD families attended our 2nd Annual ToothFairy Convention on February 11th at Exposition Park. Attendees received free oral health screenings by dentists, referrals to dental homes near them, and help navigating the health insurance marketplace. Set amidst a backdrop of laughter and fun, complete with a kid's zone, giant obstacle course, live mariachi music (thanks Mariachi Alma de Los Angeles from John Adams Middle School!), healthy food (thanks, Chef E), and prizes, more than 11 community partners came together to share short educational messages on oral health. A big thank you to all 11 of our sponsors, but especially to our gold sponsor: Patterson Dental.  And a big shout out to all our volunteers! As you look at the faces of our families, partners, and volunteers, here, you'll see, despite some clouds, this was truly a BEAUTIFUL day. Also congrats to our 5 Toothfairies of the Year! Who's up for next year?!

8th Annual Sexual Health Summit Gains Stature, Broaches Important Topics

The Southern California Sexual Health Collaborative organized their 8th Annual Sexual Health Summit,  a one day conference for professionals in the field of sexual health, to gather, learn, network, and share ideas on advancing sexual and reproductive health. Dr. Heidi Bauer, Chief of the STD Control Branch of the California Department of Public Health, welcomed the more than 150 attendees and introduced this year’s summit theme: “Back to the Future: Learning from the Past, Planning for the Future.”  Breakout sessions included such topics as the California Healthy Youth Act, effective sexual health messaging, and the growing problem of sex trafficking, among others. Kaiser Permanente's educational theatre troupe performed, "What Goes Around," a short play focused on teens and the importance of healthy relationships and STD awareness. This sold-out event continues to become more relevant and important with each passing year and The L.A. Trust is pleased to be a key part of it. To learn more about the Southern California Sexual Health Summit, or become involved in next year's event, visit

SoCal SHS member, Marquisha Henderson, and two volunteers prepare to register the more than 150 attendees at the sold-out 8th Annual Sexual Health Summit, sponsored in part by The L.A. Trust

IMG_9566 3Rani Romero, of Gold Star Foods, educates about and distributes organic and locally grown produce to interested Hollywood High students

Fremont, Hollywood, & Washington Prep Kids Say: That's a Wrap!

Late last month, more than 180 students participated in "Collective Action Day" sponsored by LAUSD Food Services with a "Build Your Own Wrap" bar and a mini produce stand. Gorgeous displays of fresh vegetables were brought in and piled attractively on tables near the campus garden. Kale. Purple Carrots. Several students hadn't seen some of the produce before. Hollywood High Assistant Principal, Lori Gambero, exclaimed, "It was so inspiring to see our students gravitate and embrace healthy food options in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Numerous students let me know how surprised they were, how good the raw kale and colored carrots were, and said they would ask their parents to buy them at the store.”  For us, events like this become more than a chance to meet demand; they also have the power to shape it! Partners involved in the successful effort included Café L.A., LAUSD Food Services Division, and The L.A. Trust. 

Monroe H.S. Youth Employ Snapchat to Maximize Impact

An activated group of Monroe High School students (known as the Monroe Health Squad) just took their advocacy to a whole new level. Led by educator and past The L.A. Trust intern, Leticia Jenkins, this group is a true model for youth powered health advocacy.  On Valentine's Day, as part of National Condom Day, the squad combined technology and teaching to provide a safe space for their fellow students to learn and discuss healthy relationships, consent, and safe sex. While their efforts reached hundreds on campus, by also partering with "Keeping it Real Together," a multi-agency collaborative that works to improve sexual health for L.A. County youth, they used technology to broaden their reach even further. Creating snapchat filters, their messages were able to reach an audience of 8,700 people. Educated and empowered youth are what The L.A. Trust is all about! 
Two of the Snapchat filters which gained substantial traction during the Monroe Health Squad tabling event on National Condom Day 

Christian Beauvoir, The L.A. Trust's Student Engagement Associate, and now, Millennial Impact Fellow 

Staffer of The L.A. Trust Selected as Millennial Impact Fellow  

We are so pleased to share that our very own Christian Beauvoir, The L.A. Trust's Student Engagement Associate, has been selected to join an exemplary cohort of recently selected Millennial Impact Fellows by New Profit! New Profit is a national nonprofit with the mission of breaking down the barriers between people and opportunity in America. Candidates from around the country submitted videos showcasing their work in the social impact space, as well as their hopes for the future. Christian is one of only twelve young social change agents who were selected. Hearing about his efforts  empowering LAUSD student leaders through The L.A. Trust's work will bring a tear to your eye. We couldn't be prouder or more pleased that this young man's unique gifts and talents have been recognized in this way. Click here to see his submission video. Click here to read his New Profit profile. Congratulations, and go get 'em, Christian!

California Endowment Steps Up for The L.A. Trust

For the 5th year in a row, Dr. Robert Ross, and the staff of The California Endowment have generously agreed to help support one of The L.A. Trust's most important endeavors: our Wellness Network "Learning Collaborative." Each quarter, in our role as Convener in Chief, we gather stakeholders who play roles in making LAUSD's network of 14 Wellness Centers successful. We share best practices, learn about innovative research, find collective solutions to complex challenges, set common goals, and try to have some fun in the along the way! Among others, this group includes our community clinic partners, mental health agency partners, school principals, adult allies, divisions from LAUSD Student Health and Human Services, and policy advocates. 

Hats off to the California Endowment, we couldn't do this without you. 
Dr. Kim Uyeda, Director, Student Medical Services, Community Partnerships & Medi-Cal Programs, walks the Learning Collaborative audience through important data during a past Learning Collaborative

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