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Foresight Spring Newsletter - 2014
Hello Colleague,                                                              
Happy Spring! Here at Foresight, we are welcoming Spring with the launch of our new website and corporate logo.  We launched our new website with some upgrades and content additions that we hope you'll find interesting to explore.

Website Highlights:
Services pages - for each of our main service areas, we have highlighted interesting case studies, samples of reports, presentations, and articles
Media & Events pages - includes a comprehensive list of media publications and upcoming events

Experience page - includes a list of industries, assets, and transactions that we have analyzed over time
Newsletter Highlights:
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- LES 2014 Mid-Year Meeting Recap of Internet of Things Panel -

LES 2013 Mid-Year Meeting

The LES Mid-Year Meeting took place earlier this year (March 25-27) and was held in Philadelphia, PA. 

Foresight's President and Chair of the High Tech Sector's Content, Communications and Cloud (3X) Committe, Efrat Kasznik, moderated a workshop focused on th Internet of Things (IoT). The panel included IP and business executives from GE, IBM, ARM, and INEX Advisors, representing the leading players and experts in the IoT ecosystem. The panel highlighted topics related to the major technology trends in the IoT ecosystem, the IoT impact on US and global economies, software and hardware adoption issues, IP landscape and IP challenges facing the transition to IoT infrastructure, and IoT standards, architecture, and platforms. For event highlights, visit INEX Advisors' Chris Rezendes' blog here.

- IP Valuation Column Highlights -


How SaaS Business Models Affect Software Company Valuations

The transition from licensed software models to SaaS subscription models for software vendors is not trivial, due to security concerns and the initial cost of switching from existing corporate IT infrastructures; however, the long-term benefits manifest themselves not only in higher revenue growth rates, but also in higher company valuations. While the majority of software businesses today – especially those catering to large enterprise clients – still generate most of their revenues from traditional, perpetual licences and maintenance revenues, the valuations of SaaS companies are about twice those of traditional licensed software companies generating the same revenues (Software Equity Group, 2013 survey). What is driving these higher valuations and are there real economic advantages to the SaaS model over traditional software licensing models?

For additional IP Valuation columns, view here.

- Industry Spotlight: 3D Printing -

One of the benefits of working in the field of IP Valuation is getting a preview into emerging technologies. One of the most exciting technologies that we recently analyzed was 3D scanning & printing, a field with wide applications ranging from home design to printing your own food. Our research uncovered some interesting trends related to the 3D industry.
  • Global 3D Scanning market forecast to grow from $2.06B (2013) to $4.08B by 2018 (14.6 % CAGR) 
  • Recent trends show hat there is high demand for 3D imaging in media & entertainment, defense & security, architecture & engineering, and other verticals 
  • N. America is the leading region in the global 3D market, with Europe and Asia following, respectively. Most 3D product and application providers are based in N. America and Europe, with Asia growing 22%.
  • Fun Fact: The 3D selfie has just been launched right here in Silicon Valley! Artec Group launched a 3D scanning and printing service that lets you get a 3D print of yourself.

- IP Events Around the Community -

June 4th, 2014 - Holiday Inn, San Francisco, CA

Join Foresight at the 6th Annual CloudSlam'14 for Efrat Kasznik's interactive workshop "Intellectual Property Strategy: Challenges and Opportunities in the Cloud" at 2:30PM, June 4th, 2014.

July 8-9, 2014 - Hilton, San Francisco, CA

October 5-8, 2014 - Mariott, San Francisco, CA
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