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Stand Together with the Earth

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During my days at home in the forest that is pure beauty, I lack the ability to describe it, I would like to understand the unknowable. It is not mine to know, the past and the future surpass me.  I only know I can sense the tremendous wisdom and I cherish the beauty that manifests itself and I renew my vows of love for the planet from here.

I am prepared to get on my speedy skateboard that I have ridden all my life, I feel more rushed and urgent now, and what can I say of the planetary emergency where tremendous clouds are hovering heavy with change and a lot of pain; so much in motion towards evil. Yet this crisis gives us an amazing opportunity to seek possibilities, activate all the creativity, fill our hearts with generosity and break the established paradigms and shift towards a different society whose values go beyond modern selfishness.  The madness produces excessive possession, disproportionate competition, and driven by economic development, ugh! What planet can withstand it?

I am talking about putting oneself to work at depth, to be serious about Life, responsible for our own activities, be creators of new realities and ways to live. What if we use love as the thread that binds us? A marathon of giving, giving and giving so that the best in us blooms and instead of coins, the abundance blesses everyone in longterm investments – and I mean in the afterlife where we have done our duty as human beings that leave this life with our heads held high. A heart that is swollen with love and a generous spirit to share happiness.  Those are the vows we make to face our goals and challenges in 2018.

To you, my friends, we wish you all of the strength, that we close ranks in defense of the Earth and take action locally, because as ecologists we are the change.

Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo

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