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Now that more than three years has passed since the United States Senate has passed a budget, it is becoming more clear each day that those we have elected to high office have no clue what it means to manage "the people's money"  You and I would have been bankrupt, or in jail for fraud, long ago but to Harry Reid and his minions, it is just business as usual. After all, they can always print more; can't they?

Reid-Pelosi-SchumerThe glaring reality is that no they can't! Every dollar they spend beyond what the government brings in is debt saddled on our children and grandchildren. We need your help to force Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate to pass a budget as required by law. So far more than 218,000 people have used our state of the art system to send letters to their Member of Congress and US Senators supporting the "No Budget, No Pay" Bill introduced by Sen. Dean Heller (NV) and demanding that Congress does the job we elected them to do and pass a federal budget.

Please click here to sign the petition even if you have previously done so. Our power is in numbers and Congress needs to understand that we are paying attention by telling them that the game is up. Tell the Senate that if they don't pass a budget as required by law, they do not deserve the nearly $170,000 per year we pay them (Reid makes nearly $190,000). "No Budget, No Pay", it's that simple.

Harry Reid has blocked every cost cutting proposal sent to the Senate by the House of Representatives and is making a mockery out of the rule of law. If you agree that Senators do not deserve to be paid for not doing their job, click --HERE--

We knew that even though this system is expensive, it would be effective. Your support has made it possible for the voices of nearly 3 million Americans to be heard in the halls of Congress.  You do not need to donate to sign the petition but your contributions are what have made it possible and we need your support to continue this great program.

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If you would like more information on Bill S. 1981 (No Budget, No Pay), feel free to contact Senator Dean Heller directly at or @SenDeanHeller on Twitter.


Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer


P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding this message to a friend. | 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW,
Suite 300, PMB #433 | Washington, DC 20006

Thank you for your support.

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