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Breaking News: 47-year-old Patriot
Discovers "Weird" Trick To Beat
The Electricity Monopoly For Good

If you're completely fed up with being dependent on those 'fat cat' power monopolies that raise your rates again & again, then you'll love this...

A 47-year-old patriot named Frank Bates just created a FREE video presentation that exposes the electricity monopolies and government agencies for what they really are...

Incompetent, lying crooks who are counting on your ignorance and fear to keep your electric and heating bills criminally high!

Some have called this a conspiracy... others have called it a cover-up. And at the 2-minute mark of this video, you will find out exactly how deep the conspiracy goes. (HINT: it's a lot deeper than most people think).

This video exposes the truth and shows you the secret to how you can slash your power bill and beat Obama's monopoly for good!

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Most families spend $2,000+ per year on energy. The "trick" revealed in this video could slash your power bill in half and help you protect your home and family in the event of a crisis.

With outrageous air conditioning bills coming and gasoline prices hitting record high's recently, the solution revealed in this video is more important than ever before. And don't worry, this is 100% legal and will work for you no matter where you live.

This little-known secret is scaring the heck out of Big Energy. They're furious that this info has leaked. And isn't it strange that this video has just been banned by Google???

Go watch the video NOW... before they shut it down completely!

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