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photo © Yoeme Homari,
“Re-claiming Austin” from recent residency in Austin TX

We are thrilled to announce that the Arts & Healing Network has honored Rulan Tangen with the 2015 award dedicated to Art & Social Change. From the inspirational women leading the Arts and Healing Network: “We are delighted to support an artist like you who has such a tremendous vision and a powerful healing impact on the world!”  This honor was by nomination, in which a colleague cited her as “a prime voice speaking on behalf of the Earth.”

On behalf of Rulan and all who have shared movement within Dancing Earth’s circles we deeply appreciate this recognition of the need for an inspired revolution - one that begins with movement! “I truly believe in the body as a portal for individual, social, and environmental transformation. In these challenging times, dance can envision and embody the reality we are dreaming into being…”
DANCING EARTH’s spring was in vigorous bloom!
CLICK HERE for news and images from our amazing spring activities in the San Francisco streets, on Alcatraz island, in the Novato Indian Valley Farm, in a gallery in Bristol, England, and all over, Austin, Riverside, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arizona, Hayward, Penasco, Santa Fe, & Mancos CO.

So many incredible projects are ahead this summer!
in Vancouver, San Francisco, Santa Fe

Rulan heads north to Vancouver, to work with the acclaimed FULL CIRCLE ENSEMBLE!

DANCING EARTH_Photo-by_Paulo T. Photography_LowRes_1

Meanwhile, Global Water Dances (GWD’s) are BACK for third biennial on June 20th! DANCING EARTH’s artists will present GWDs in Vancouver, San Francisco and Santa Fe simultaneously. For Global Water Dances, people from over seventy communities across six continents will assemble to revere, renew, and inspire solutions for our precious resource of water. Performances take place for 24 hours on June 20th, and are all broadcast live online. Dances begin in the Pacific Rim and roll westward through the time zones. Sydney, Savar (Bangladesh), Tel Aviv, Cairo, Athens, Gburma (Ghana), Warsaw, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Bogota, Lima, Mexico City… just a few of the cities participating in the third biennial 2015 event.
Anne jammin foto

Anne Pesata will be in the Bay Area that week, and will offer her Global Water Dance there, location and time TBA (stay tuned!). To join in, please contact aunsica@gmail.com. Please join Dancing Earth at all of our Global Water Dances sites  -  www.globalwaterdances.org!

That week Anne will also sharing her acclaimed BASKET WEAVER solo at the Yerba Buena Native Arts Festival in San Francisco on June 21st (Summer Solstice & Fathers Day). This afternoon of performance is FREE to the public! And, she will be offering workshops on Friday June 19th (location and time TBA), and for the amazing Cuicacalli Escuela De Danza on June 22nd (Courtesy of Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Bridges Fund – THANK YOU!


Trey Pickett recently returned from Aotearoa (New Zealand) as a cultural artist ambassador for DANCING EARTH. As a gift to Santa Fe, Trey leads DANCING EARTH’s Global Water Dance at the Fantase Festival on June 20th at 5:30pm. To participate in choreography, please contact trey3sp@gmail.com
photo courtesy of Cuicacalli

Cuicacalli Escuela De Danza’s summer program in San Francisco: Música! Arte! Movimiento!

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will develop and expand foundations of music, dance, and art in both the English and Spanish language. Field trips through San Francisco’s rich cultural environment will broaden the students’ artistry. The combination of classes and field trips will provide a deeper and theoretical understanding of all three art forms in and outside the classroom.

Para más informacíon en español: Jesus Cortes,
(415) 672-6550     cuicacalli.sf@gmail.com

June 22 - 25th, Rulan joins Native Wellness Institute in Portland as dance trainer for hundreds of Native youth for their annual Athletic Leadership Academy. SIGN UP HERE!


JULY 10th & 17th: RULAN offers  morning master classes at the Dance Space in Santa Fe!

Rulanova@gmail.com for more info!


Coming in August, Dancing Earth’s 1st appearance at the Planet IndigenUs Festival in Toronto!

"Toronto dancers, artists and community members! JOIN US! Dancing Earth is coming to Planet IndigenUs this August, for a series of performance rituals in various sites, and interwoven activities including seed/story exchanges, gathering harvest from community gardens to initiate potluck feasting, and other activations across arts and other disciplines.

We will be in residence at McMichaels Gallery July 31 - Aug 4th and are inviting dancers/artists/inter-generational Native community members to join morning creative sessions, with the ensuing dances or other artworks that emerge to be integrated into the McMichaels site-immersive ritual on Aug. 6th! Our current body of work explores water, seeds, plants and foods from inter-tribal perspectives, and we look forward to bringing our desert vision to the people of the lakes and trees, with gratitude! If you have interest or know of someone who would be, please contact rulan@dancingearth.org!"

Aug 6th will be a site-immersive, multi-sensory, trans-disciplinary, interactive performance ritual at the gardens of McMichaels Gallery, incorporating local artists community members who have worked with us in the weeklong residency…

* Rulan-41
photo © Pat Galagan for DANCING EARTH

Aug 7 - 8th are outdoor shows at Harbourfront Center, and Aug 9th we are proud to be presented at the DAY OF DANCE alongside prestigious choreographers including Penny Couchie (of Aanmitaagzi), Santee Smith (of Kaha:wi), Frances Ring (of Bangarra, AU) and Sarain Carson-Fox!

Also, stay tuned for a B-Boy Cypher at the Harbourfront, Aug 7th or 8thFACEBOOK PAGE

From Aug 9 - 25th is our 4th Annual SUMMER INSTITUTE, with intensive training including land dance, cultural exchange, and creative incubation. Our 1st week is in residence at the stunning Ghost Ranch - former home of Georgia O’Keefe - in Abiquiu NM, while in week two we enjoy rehearsal space indoors and outdoors at the Academy for the Love of Learning in Arroyo Hondo.

We are still seeking home hosts for our guest dancers from Aug 17 - 25th in Santa Fe, as well as contributions of harvest foods, home cooked dishes for our daily potlucks, or some airport pickups - please contact Rulan@dancingearth.org if you can help out, or if you would like to make a donation to support this important program, unmatched in the USA for culturally rooted contemporary dance training for Native emerging artists!

And, Deollo Johnson heads to South Pacific as Cultural Artist Ambassador ! After a wonderful year as lead teacher of Dancing Earth Cultural creative Movement  at Keres Montessori of Cochiti Pueblo (with dance instruction incorporating Keres language as taught by the tiny students!), he sails the Pacific to dance with dolphins! Please contact Dejo8@hotmail.com to ask about dance workshops in the South Pacific!
                     photo © Paulo T. Photography

Images from Summer Institute 2012, 2013 & 2014!


PEOPLE POWER Brought Seeds & Soul’s Hatchfund SUCCESS!

A big salamat and tlazocamati to the incredible Joana “Love Speaks” Cruz and Javier Stell Fresquez, whose leadership is at the heart of the SEEDS AND SOUL FESTIVAL - for all their hard work in building energy, awareness, relationships, and funds through our 2015 Crowdfunding Campaign with Hatchfund.

Read more about the Festival’s founding vision and stay tuned to the SEEDS & SOUL Facebook page for exciting updates as we assemble community advisors for an amazing socio-cultural, artistic, ecological and gastronomic curation of this incredible first time event in October!

Here’s a HUGE THANK YOU to all our donors for bringing the PEOPLE POWER.
Here are all those who gave at the “Deep Rooted” level or above:
Teao Thompson
John Deas
Jeremy  Goddard
Bissap Baobab of Oakland
Pasha Brown
Judy Helfand
Philip Miller
Lumhe Sampson
Kristopher Hohag
Matt Zemon
Jean Bruce Scott
Marion Wasserman
Andreas Smith
Joanne Prince
Elenita Strobel

Toby Herzlich
Jarrel Phillips
Karen Sheeks
Aaron Lehmer-Chang

Susanna Carlisle Hamilton
Tria Andrews
Adam Gibbons
Jinnie Lowery
Cleo Fung
Stephanie Engel
Joy Fairfield Brooke
Sachiko  Miller
Heryka Miranda
Dulini Liyanapathiranage

Melorra Green
Michael Chizhov
Chris Bauman
Susan Greene
Joe Dean
Ryno Barela
Jacqueline Shea Murphy
Elenita Strobel

Monica Mody
Alice Kostinksy
Jennifer Foerster
Elizabeth Cameron
Kathryn Mark
Kathryn Machi
Leslie Arbogast
Gordon Cameron
Kimberly  Meraz
Michelle Semet
Anne Pesata
Priscilla Purusha Anokhei
Leslie Arbogast
Luis Juárez
Elizabeth Cameron
Victoria Chang
Marta Vizueta
Carmencita Barker
Iscah Carey
Samantha “Sammay” Dizon

We stand in solidarity with the amazing young leader Sammy Dizon, of the Pinoy/Pinay community, who is producing a first-time event in the Bay Area! Don’t miss the Sunday performance, where Javier Stell-Fresquez will also be presenting a performance art piece.

1460057_1661266680763540_3908318449691838812_nOne Flaming Arrow Festival

If you are in Portland Oregon in the first 2 weeks of June , check out THIS Native led, first time art/music /film Festival ! Yes, the PEOPLE are supporting  Indigenous artists and culture carriers to make all of these awesome events happen! CLICK HERE for more information.

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