Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts with the world.  

“It’s what I have always wanted dance to be!”
from Dawn, audience member at our TedxABQ performance

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Exciting Bay Area Events

Oct 9th
SF BAY AREA Dancers Audition at
ODC at 1

Rulan Tangen will hold an audition for an upcoming project which will be previewed at FLACC Fest December 11th & DIRT Fest in Spring 2017.  

With sanctions from Pennie Opal Plant, Dancing Earth is developing a piece uplifting the Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty.
We welcome all in the dance community regardless of prior experience with dance or indigenous knowledge/worldviews! The audition will include a workshop led by Rulan and the cost is $15.
Dancers selected for callbacks will be invited to attend repertory creative sessions October 11-24.
Please Email if you’d like to sign up, and check our facebook page for updates about this audition and community workshops later in Oct.

Oct 20th
Oakland TERANGA Benefit Dinner for Dancing Earth and #NODAPL : 5:30pm - 9:30pm
at Bissap Baobab Oakland. 381 15th street, Oakland

Your are invited to a feast celebrating and supporting the resilience and resistance of Indigenous peoples across the world.  This delicious, intimate dinner event is your opportunity to get to know our emerging bay area company members, and support our Fall dance creation of the Treaty dance described above. 

The evening will include presentations by Rulan Tangen, Leny Strobel (TBC), and info about the historic efforts at Standing Rock to resist the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Seats will fill up, so click this link to purchase your tickets today!
Past Events
Sept 9th, the eventful day of the NO DAPLPresident’s halting of Dakota Access Pipline, Dancing Earth presented Re(d)Generation at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO, which ended with our first #NODAPL Round Dance.
"a beautiful evening--the theme was clear and the transitions seamless... absolutely wonderful.  Congratulations!" - Dennis Elkins (Chair, Department of Theatre)

This performance and residency was supported by the National Dance Project, and A Blade of Grass, and by the wonderful Ft. Lewis College. We offer special thanks to the Protectors of the Waters & Lands student organization, Denyce E. White, Maya St. Cyre, and Taylor Cook, the organizers of PWL, Vanaya Yazzie, and of course, the community members who danced with the company. Residency activities included community engagement at Farmers Market, seed ball making with Marion Wassermen (to be displayed at Grants NM in a public art piece titled FLOW OF BLESSINGS), community mandala making with Vnaya Yazzie, participation in protest in solidairty with Standing Rock and NO DAPL.

Aug 21th, Dancing Earth and our Summer Intensives’ cultural ambassadors activated the CCAbeautiful art installations of Santa Fe’s Center for Contemporary Arts and installations of Cannupa Hanska Luger and other artists.  We were glad to offer the donation of our blanket dance to Cannupa Luger and DJ Ginger Dunnill to bring to Standing Rock.
"compared with the direct voice of the dancers' bodies, my translations are awfully feeble. To read the word of these nations, just sit with them, and watch them move across the earth." - Devon Hoffman
Donation of blanket dance to collaborating artist Cannupa Luger and DJ Ginger Dunnill to bring to Standing Rock, where they were headed. A link to review in BROADWAY WORLD of CCA show by Devon Hoffman, a New Mexico writer who has served in the Peace Corps.

2016 Summer Cultural
Artist Ambassadors

Talavai Denipah-Cook, Javier Stell-Fresquez, Lupita Salazar, Deirdre Morris, Robbie Pino, Anne Pesata, Justin Giehm, Sammay Dizon, Trey Pickett, Rulan Tangen, Natalia V. Aceves-Ghezzi, Deollo Johnson and Christina Leyva. We had the honor of cultural exchanges and creative explorations with these folks at Ghost Ranch, who generously donated room and board to Dancing Earth.

& become patient zero in the next beneficial epidemic to sweep NM." - TedxABQ
ALBUQUERQUE! TEDTALKS @ the Kiva Auditorium - Sept 17th, featured Rulan Tangen & DANCING EARTH. Talk & dance demonstrations on the company's mission to regenerate the health and vitality of the earth and its beings through contemporary ritual-performances for transformation.

Rulan Tangen also shared how dance was part of her personal healing and the potential for the decolonization of bodies and land through dance.

SFAI Water themed Artists Residency

Rulan will lead movement practices culminating
in Global Water Dances on June 24, 2017.


Santa Fe Indian Market’s Fashion Show
Dancing Earth made its debut at Santa Fe Indian Market’s Fashion show, with a Vogue introduction to this fabulous afternoon. Five brilliant Urban dancers from the company served Vogue dance throughout the runway, styled with Shrugs by Randolph Duke, and accessories by Alicia Piler... See video of the performance from Native Peoples’ Magazine.

Javier Stell-Fresquez (Company) devised and presented a performance art piece entitled ‘Mother the Verb’ in the SF Bay at ODC Dance Commons. This performance featured the “Toxicity” solo Javier developed during DE’s Summer Institute and performed at our CCA show. “Mother the Verb” included co-devisers Ivy Monteiro (Brasil, artist-in-residence at ODC), and Davia Amerasu.

Javier and Davia will perform excerpts from this piece at FLACC Fest December 9th (different day as Dancing Earth’s performance).


Our new agent Andre at is now representing DANCING EARTH and other amazing Native performing artists including Rosy Simas, Pamyua and Delbert Anderson Jazz Trio at Western Arts Alliance, a conference of presenters.

Dancing Earth was presented at the Exchange Dance Fest in Tulsa, OK , through Anne Pesata’s Basket Weaver’s solo!

"I loved your performance tonight! It was beautiful and I left motivated to make a change and protect our planet."
- Zack bauer, Audience member at
Ft. Lewis Re(d)Generation show

Sammay Dizon presents at Tini(g)Tipon in Vancouver, and then joins Professor Leny Strobel and Rulan Tangen at the Third International Babaylan Conference in Gibsons BC.

© Marlon Sagana Ingram
Wed, Nov. 2nd ICR: Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside Gathering, Culver Center of the Arts, downtown Riverside, CA.  The ICR is an annual event that brings Indigenous dance artists and Indigenous studies scholars to share work and discuss ways that contemporary Indigenous dance engages Indigenous knowledges, focusing on the the import of these articulations in the context of ongoing coloniality. All events are free and open to the public, though there is very limited space for the morning and early afternoon panels, so be sure to RSVP.  The afternoon session on "Physicalized Intelligence and California Indian Dance: Provocations, Politics, Possibilities” and the evening performance of new choreography by Rosy Simas Danse and DAYSTAR/Rosalie Jones might be of particular interest. The link with info and to RSVP for all or parts of the day is here:  

Rulan Tangen will be part of a round table discussion at the University of California-Riverside’s annual INDIGENOUS CHOREOGRAPHERS’ SYMPOSIUM. This year’s theme is on “Webs of Support for Indigenous Dance / Inside and Outside of institutions”. Rulan, Anne Pesata, and other dance artists will also engage in a performative tribute to the late Mohave scholar, Michael Tsosie.

We are so proud of our artistic collaborator Marion Wasserman’s commission for public art project  ‘A Flow of Blessings’ in Grants, NM, with seed balls collaboratively co-created during DE’s Durango residency.

Lupita Salazar dances solo for Tewa Womens United Gathering for Mother Earth Oct. 15 in NM!

Dancing Earth will proudly participate in Pojaque’s Intertribal Gathering Nov 6-9, and we invite everyone to attend and learn more! Hosted by the Colorado Plateau Intertribal Conversations gathering group, this this historic gathering will bring Indigenous Peoples from across the Americas. Indigenous leaders in the areas of water, health, language & culture, and sacred sites, will lead conversations among participants that focus on supporting/engaging attendees in seeking appropriate funding opportunities, building community strategies, and building long-term network goals.

October collaboration: Lenape Center NYC (to be confirmed) for street performance installation activating the original Lenape trail of Broadway, for visibility of Lenape presence. Click this link to learn about one of the related events.

On the Road

Oct. 7th: Lecture with Native Arts and Cultures Foundation at Alliance for Artists Communities Conference in Portland.

Nov 10-18th: Tour to Crystal Bridges, Arkansas



Ghost Ranch, and all their wonderful cooks and staff who so warmly received our Summer Dance Intensive Cultural Artist Ambassadors.

Protectors of the Waters & Lands, Fort. Lewis College, Durango, CO. Denyce E. White, Maya St. Cyre, and Taylor Cook, organizers of PWL.

And all our amazing community in the Four Corners, including Ft Lewis Concert Hall, Center for Southwest Studies, Animas Listening and Empowerment group, the students who led the protest in solidarity with Standing Rock and all the amazing people and organizations in this PROGRAM HERE.

This is a work in progress has been in development over the last few years through commissions of work in progress, for which we express our gratitude to:

Bioneers’ Indigenous Knowledge; McMichaels Gallery of Canada; Planet IndigenUs in Toronto; RIDDU RIDDU Festival of Norway; Global Water Dances; Arts and Social Change award from Arts and Healing Network, Seeds and Soul Festival (thanks Javier and Jo “Love” Cruz); Dennis Elkins at Ft Lewis College Theater Department and cast and crew of SEEDS: Food; Earth Dance; Charles Leslie at Ft Lewis Concert Hall; and Ordway Theater MN (thanks Rosy Simas and Dayna Martinez).

Most importantly, we recognize creative collaboration of extraordinary cultural artists in current cast as well as Jerry Longboat, Shane Montoya and all DE 2014-16 International Indigenous Cultural Artist Ambassadors.

Dancing Earth is grateful to realize this production with 2016 support from National Dance Project, and A Blade Of Grass Fellowship.

DANCING EARTHWe acknowledge our work has been made possible with additional support since 2015 from Catalyst Initiative, Arts for Social Change Award from Arts and Healing Network, McCune Charitable Foundation of New Mexico, US Embassy to Norway, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, USArtists International, and all our kind donors and supporters! We deeply appreciate additional volunteer, administrative and/or financial support from Lee Ann and Marshall Hunt, Randolph Duke, Kate Sweetser, Gabriela Perky, Maria Firmino Castillo, Liz Cameron, Michele LaRoe, Almah Rice, Jennifer Kilbourne, Solar Banner, Alma Rosa, Mitra Lujan, Intersection for the Arts, New Mexico Dance Coalition, Indigenous Arts Institute, Seth Fried, Rima Miller, Daniel Banks, Guthrie Miller, Amy Westphal and Michael Lujan, Pearl Potts, Alicia Piller, Angie Rizzo, Ezra and Sonia Leyba and Catalyst Water, Roshi Joan Halifax of Upaya Zen Center, Heryka Miranda, Javier Stell-Fresquez, Tamela Uzzetta, and our wonderful new agent and ally Andre Bouchard at Walrus Arts Management.
We are blessed for a continued relationship with Durango, Fort Lewis College and Concert Hall since 2011, with community calling us to return last year after the Animas River mining spill, to which we initially dedicated this performance, with additional intention as a functional ritual of transformation for other sources of sacred water and lands, including dancing our prayers in solidarity with friends, relatives and allies at Standing Rock in support of No Dakota Access Pipeline.

For more info and to take action please view this link and consider signing this petition at


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