BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guide Feature: Formerly Corporate
From The Publisher:  Are You Formerly Corporate?
October 29,  2013
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 Meet Author, Lorette Pruden, 
"Formerly Corporate"

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Bart:   It sounds as if you have, in your own career, Lorette, labored in the corporate world, and found it not entirely fulfilling.  Could you tell us about your experience and what made you take the plunge into the entrepreneurial realm?
Lorette:  Actually, I enjoyed my corporate career, although of course it had its frustrating
moments. There are a lot of positives to the corporate structure, one of which
is that there IS a structure!
What originally took me into my own business was, first, a corporate merger that eliminated the job I held, and second, the feeling that the buy-out package was an opportunity to find out what life was like outside the oil business, to spend more time with my children, &  to spread my wings a bit, so to speak.  I also really wanted to see what I could create out of my life and business experience so far.
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formerlycoverFormerly Corporate - Mindset Shifts for Success in Your Own Business - Formerly Corporate

 By Lorette Pruden
Are you Formerly Corporate?
Did your good job evaporate in the Great Recession, so you opened a business?
Does your retirement plan include a second career as a business owner?
Whether you are creating your own business, choosing a franchise, or free-lancing, there are real differences between what makes a successful employee and what makes a sucessful business owner.  Learn to avoid the pitfalls and shift yor mindset with this guide to 21st century business.

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