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April 2011 News Header
April 3, 2011
Achieve in Africa First Quarter 2011 Newsletter

Achieve in Africa Announces Next Project

Achieve in Africa is pleased to announce that our next project will be constructing the first secondary school in Olasiti village in northern Tanzania. In 2010, we completed construction on two new classrooms for the overcrowded Olasiti Primary School. Olasiti Village's most immediate need is now a secondary school.

We plan to build Olasiti Secondary School in stages, one dual classroom building at a time. The cost of a classroom is $5,000 USD. After construction, we will also provide desks and other necessary supplies. For more information about Operation Olasiti or how to help, please click here


Community Learning Center Update

We are also happy to announce that we have completed construction of the Community Learning Center in the village of Ulolela in southern Tanzania!

Students are currently using the CLC for after-school studying, and we are working with our team of volunteers to implement the curricula for HIV/AIDS awareness, business fundamentals, agriculture and self-empowerment training. We will also outfit the CLC with solar panels in the upcoming months.

To see more pictures of the CLC, click here.

New Partnerships Formed

AIA works with other great organizations to help our projects have greater impact and reach. Our partners include:

  • Learning in a Village Project (LEVI) - LEVI is working on the ground in partnership with AIA to manage and oversee operations of the Community Learning Center (CLC).
  • NocPlace - NocPlace is funding classroom supplies purchased locally in Tanzania for our students.
  • Power Communicators - Power Communicators is lending its proven, self-empowerment curriculum and advisory support to AIA free of charge.
  • Support for International Change - SI Change is lending its proven, HIV/AIDS awareness curriculum and advisory support to AIA free of charge.
  • The Uplifting Project - The Uplifting Project is helping to raise money for Operation Olasiti.
  • United Students for Africa - United Students for Africa is bringing youth from the U.S. to work on AIA's construction projects.
  • Wall Connections - Wall Connections is donating advertising space to AIA across 50 public universities.

CLC 1 3

Students study at the new
Community Learning Center


AIA Ambassador Program Launched

The AIA Ambassador Program provides resources for students who are interested in gaining leadership experience by organizing fundraisers that will support education in Africa. When students express interest in becoming an AIA Ambassador, they receive a packet, including:
  • Welcome letter
  • Sample flier and brochure
  • Ideas for fundraisers
  • Tips for promoting their fundraisers

This toolkit makes it easier for middle school, high school and college students to successfully fundraise for Achieve in Africa by getting insight into what has worked well in the past.


We’re currently promoting the AIA Ambassador Program to numerous school groups. Please feel free to promote this program to schools or individuals who might be interested. For more information on the program or if you would like to get directly involved, please contact

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