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January 22, 2014
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NENEDD Progress
In this edition...
  • Regional Blueprint: on the Web & Future Outlook

  • Nebraska MarketPlace 2014
  • CNEDD and CNHD Alliance


Regional Blueprint

New and Improved Blueprint Website


NENEDD has officially launched a new and improved Northeast Nebraska Regional Blueprint for Sustainability website. Now, everything Blueprint is easily accessible and user friendly. You can read about each committee’s focus and goals, as well as find a complete list of committee members and their contact information. Each committee also has a page dedicated to resources and related documents that have aided in the success of the project. The Blueprint’s final report is available online, as well. Feel free to explore the site and learn more about the project as we continue to move forward with our efforts.

You can find a link for the Blueprint website within the left-side column navigation on NENEDD’s site, or you can go to:

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Wrap-up Meeting

The Northeast Nebraska Regional Blueprint for Sustainability wrap-up meeting was held from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. The meeting was facilitated by the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD) and was held at the Norfolk City Council Chambers. In attendance were approximately thirty-five individuals who helped develop the plan through committee participation. These committees included:  Economic Development, Workforce (subcommittee), Tourism (subcommittee), Education, Environmental, Housing, and Transportation. The purpose of the meeting was to present the final plan and discuss how the plan will be utilized in the future.

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What’s next for the Regional Blueprint?

As the Regional Blueprint concludes, the next step will be to continue to engage area organizations and individuals to implement the plan’s identified goals and strategies.

In the future, Blueprint partners will continue to focus on carrying out those projects identified in the plan. The NENEDD staff person responsible for facilitating committee meetings will continue to engage committee members in discussions that assess the progress of individual chapters. This communication will aid in identifying new funding sources and in implementing new projects. Project partners will also communicate with outside resources not involved in the Regional Blueprint to ensure that all collaborative and funding opportunities have been explored. As we conclude our formal planning efforts, our partners recognize the Regional Blueprint for Sustainability as being the crucial initial step needed to ensure that Northeast Nebraska is heading toward a successful and sustainable long-term future.


MarketPlace 2014

MarketplacePhotoJoin the Center for Rural Affairs for the 8th Annual Nebraska MarketPlace, Nebraska’s premier event to energize and connect entrepreneurs, small business owners, service providers and communities.

A video in regards to the event is posted on the Center for Rural Affairs’ website at:

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2014
ation: Nielsen Community Center, West Point, Nebraska

Contact Kim Preston, MarketPlace Planner, at 402.687.2103 ext 1008 or


CNEDD forms alliance with Central Nebraska Housing Developers

“On behalf of the Nebraska Regional Officials Council (NROC), congratulations to Central Nebraska Economic Development District, Central Nebraska Housing Developers and Judy Peterson, we look forward to the partnership as we work, all across Nebraska”.



Official News Release – January 22, 2014

The Central Nebraska Economic Development District is proud to announce that Judy Petersen will serve as the new Executive Director of the Development District, effective January 17, 2014, and that a new alliance has been formed between the Central Nebraska Economic Development District (CNEDD) and the Central Nebraska Housing Developers (CNHD). Many thanks to the Federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) for the guidance and support they are providing to make this formal alliance a reality for the Central Nebraska region.

The leaders of both organizations, along with an experienced staff, are committed through this alliance to serve the Central Nebraska region through a more holistic approach to community and economic development, bringing about positive change for Central Nebraskans.

Coming soon, your community and county leaders will be asked to respond to a survey, giving them the opportunity to provide input about your county and community needs. We will ask these leaders to seek input from citizens and stakeholders like yourselves, to help identify the programs and services that will bring about the greatest positive changes for your communities.

“Your community and county needs may include: enhancing business opportunities, improving community amenities and programs, expanding housing, and retaining youth, just to name a few. Our first goal is to gather your input and develop a plan to address your needs through local and regional partnerships, and funding resources”, states Judy Petersen, CNEDD Executive Director.

Additional staff who will serve the District are: Linda Hazen, Grant/Finance Manager; Melissa Krysl, Marketing Specialist; and a Community Development Project Manager who will be hired shortly.

CNEDD members are: Counties of Blaine, Keya Paha, Sherman, Valley and Wheeler; and Cities/Villages of Atkinson, Bassett, Butte, Chambers, Cody, Emmett, Ericson, Greeley, Johnstown, Long Pine, Nunzel, O’Neill, Spalding, Spencer, Springview, and Stuart.

Member representatives serving as CNEDD Board Directors are: Nikki Johnston, Chair, O’Neill; John Madsen, Vice Chair, Stuart; Lou Ann Tooker, Secretary/Treasurer, Atkinson; Kristine Gale, Bassett; Trevor Lee, Ord; Rocky Richards, Cody; TJ Elllermeier, Rock County; and Larry Griffith, Sherman County.

CNHD Board Directors are: Kristin Olson, Chair, Ainsworth; Rita Grigg, Vice Chair, Ord; Craig Brewster, Finance Officer, Butte; Ute Woitalewicz, St. Paul; John Madsen, Stuart; and Norene Kidder, Sargent.

“Central Nebraska is a tremendous place to live, work, and raise our families. The boards and staff of CNEDD and CNHD have dedicated ourselves to playing an integral role in expanding opportunities in Central Nebraska for the future of our communities, our children, and our rich way of life” says Nikki Johnston, CNEDD Chairperson.

To learn more about the Central Nebraska Economic Development District and how we can serve your community or county, please call Judy Petersen at 402-340-0106, or email


Northeast Nebraska
Economic Development District

111 S. 1st Street
Norfolk, NE 68701

402-379-9207 fax

Upcoming Board Meetings:

NENEDD and NED, Inc. Board of Directors meetings will be held via conference call on Wednesday, January 29th at the following locations:

111 S 1st Street
Norfolk, NE 68701

Scribner Economic Development Office
412 Main Street
Scribner, NE 68057

West Point Chamber of Commerce
200 Anna Stalp Ave
West Point, NE  68788



Executive Director

Thomas L.

Higginbotham Jr.


Deputy Director

Tina M. Engelbart


Fiscal Officer

Kristen AJ Rosner


Business Loan Specialists

Jeff Christensen


Community Planners

Lowell Schroeder
Alyssa Silhacek


Housing Specialist

Jamie Arens


Housing Loan Specialist

Judy Joy


Administrative Assistant

Mickella Brabec


Marketing & Visual Communications Coordinator

Kristi Hoffman


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