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January 18, 2019
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Community Development Block Grant Recipients Announced


CaptureThe City of Pierce will receive $445,000. "The Pierce Downtown Revitalization Committee provided valuable input into the Downtown Revitalization Plan, which included sidewalk improvements to Brown Street.  This two block project will improve pedestrian access to many of Pierce’s downtown business." - Lowell Schroeder, NENEDD Community Planner

The City of Wakefield will receive $385,000. "The Wakefield “Michener Street” project will improve the street and sidewalk accessibility near the school.  This project completes the City’s long term plan to improve street and pedestrian access to the school complex." - Lowell Schroeder, NENEDD Community Planner

The City of Fremont will receive $475,000. "This Comprehensive Development grant project will assist the City to construct an ADA compliant elevator onto the Municipal Building.  This project has been discussed for many years, but now is made possible with this financial assistance." -Lowell Schroeder, NENEDD Community Planner

The City of Columbus will receive $475,000. Their funds will be put towards purchase/rehabilitation/resale and sewer repairs. "Congratulations to the City of Columbus on receiving Comprehensive Development Phase II, Year 2 Implementation funds! We look forward to continuing to partner with Columbus through this process and contributing to the continued growth and development in their community." -Mandy Gear, NENEDD Community Planner

The City of Wayne will receive $475,000. These funds will be used for infrastructure improvements on Nebraska Street. “Citizen input was vital to the application process of this grants. The City of Wayne is fortunate to have such a supportive community that is willing to share their thoughts and ideas through surveys and town hall meetings." -Jan Merrill, NENEDD Community Planner

The City of Norfolk will receive $460,000. The funds will be used towards improvements on Braasch Avenue. “The results of the 2017 Comprehensive Development Study concluded that streets and street conditions were one of the highest concern to the residents of Norfolk. Given the poor condition of Braasch Avenue this comprehensive development project will clearly benefit the community.” - Jan Merrill, NENEDD Community Planner

The complete list of awards can be found on the Nebraska Department of Economic Development website.

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The City of Norfolk was awarded another Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $425,000 to put towards the renovation of Miracle Skatepark.  Jan Merrill, NENEDD Community Planner stated, “This grant is the
result of persistence and hard work from both the citizens and staff of the City of Norfolk and it was my pleasure to be able to assist with the process.  I am excited to see the positive outcome that the new skatepark will have on the community.”

To view the Norfolk Daily News article on this event, please click the link below:

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