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Fall Lawn Survival Tips

Jonathan Green Timely Tips

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August 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 

Can you believe the summer is almost over?  Soon children will be going back to school and the fall will be here.  Now is the time to start thinking about how your lawn will survive this fall.  What will you do?  Not quite sure?  Follow these simple survival tips to ensure you have the best lawn in town this fall.

First stop - check the soil

child testing soil 10
You've heard it before and we are here to tell you again that the fall is the best time to seed and feed your lawn.  Be sure to first determine what your lawn needs.  Do you have sandy soil?  Lots of thin areas?  Fungus and weeds taking over?  You may want to take a soil test to determine the pH of your soil before seeding.  Soils that are low in pH are prone to moss, bare spots and weeds.  Use our Jonathan Green Soil Test Kit to see what your lawn needs.  If you need to raise the pH in your soil use our MAG-I-CAL.  MAG-I-CAL is a readily available form of calcium and will improve the soil microbial activity.  The best part is you can use it the same day you seed!

Why use MAG-I-CAL instead of limestone this fall? 
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spreading_seed 3Successful Fall Seeding
Seeding in the fall is the ideal time because the weather conditions are perfect for grass to grow.  The hot, dry summer is past and the soil is warm.  Most likely your lawn will need to repair itself so it can survive through the winter.  Use our Fall Magic grass seed which can repair summer damage and provide an attractive, thicker and greener lawn.  Plus it contains endophytes which means the seeds are naturally insect resistant. 

Want to learn more about endophytes?  Click here!

Fall Fertilization

It is extremely important to fertilize your lawn in the fearly snow 7all.  This will help the grass develop a strong root system to get through the winter and produce a thick, healthy green lawn next spring.  Are you looking for a fertilizer that will give your grass a strong, vigorous root system?  Use our Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to beat old man winter.  Winter Survival can be applied to all grass types and at the same time you apply grass seed. 

Want even more info on your lawn in the fall? Click here!

Remember the steps you take now will strengthen and improve

your lawn and make it ready for the spring.  For more information, how-to videos and informative articles visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Enjoy your lawn and have fun this fall!

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Jonathan Green


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