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Resolutions for Your Lawn


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January 2012
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast,

Happy New Year!  We all make resolutions for the new year.  Why not make one for your lawn?  Resolve to take the steps necessary to make your lawn one of the best in town.  This month's edition of Timely Tips gives you some ideas for resolutions you could make for your lawn this year. 

Sharpen your mower blade

lawn-mower2Did you sharpen your mower blade last year?  Have you ever sharpened it?  This is the perfect time to perform some maintenance on your lawn mower.  Be sure you change the oil, clean the housing, grease the wheels and sharpen the blade.  A dull mower blade will shred your lawn making it unattractive and more prone to fungus and insect attacks.  Always unplug the spark plug before doing any work on your mower or visit a professional service center. 

When have you tested your soil?

Have you had problems growing grass in the past?  Have you ever thought about testing your soil?  The condition of the soil is vital to the success of the grass plant.  Take the time to send a few samples to your local extension service for testing.  Be sure to take samples from different places around your lawn especially in trouble areas.  Soil testing laboratories are slower in the winter months so you should receive an answer quicker than soilduring the spring rush.

For more facts on soil pH and your lawn click here

Plan your lawn program now

What should you apply first?  If you have experienced problems with crabgrass in the past you should apply Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer to green-up your lawn and prevent future crabgrass growth.  If you are applying grass seed this spring use Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer plus New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer.  This product allows the new seedlings to emerge without harming them.  Jonathan Green Black Beauty grass seed is an excellent choice if you are seeding this spring.  Remember some states may limit or prohibit fertilizer applications before March 1st or even later.  Check with your local extension agency for local ordinances and laws.

Not sure which grass seed to use?  Click here

For more information, how-to videos and informative articles visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more lawn and garparty_hatsden tips.  Remember the steps you take now will determine how your lawn will look this spring.    

Jonathan Green

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