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Summer Lawn Care Tips

email header JULY 2011

Consider superior turf grass varieties

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Your lawn will never be any better than the variety of grass you choose to grow. You cannot make any grass seed better by just applying fertilizer. A good lawn is all about research, development and genetics, which is what we do best at Jonathan Green.  We are proud of the genetically superior grass seed varieties we have developed.  For the best lawn in town use Jonathan Green!

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Summer 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 

Now that the lazy, hazy, hot days of summer are upon us we are sure your lawn could use a little TLC.  Not sure what to do with your lawn?  Follow these simple lawn care tips to help your lawn be the best it can be this summer.

Tip #1 - Mow your lawn the proper height

Mow your lawn threlawn_mowere inches high each week during the summer.  If you mow the grass too low the lawn can become stressed from the loss of water through evaporation. Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp!

Tip #2 - Give your lawn adequate water

The proper amount of water needed for your lawn depends on the type of grass and soil you have.  You should water your lawn about one inch to onelawn_sprinkler 2 and a half inches each week.  Be sure to include rainfall in the total amount of water your lawn receives.  Water early in the morning before sunrise. This will help prevent fungus from growing.

Tip #3 - Fungus & Grub Control

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There are many different fungal turf diseases that can affect your lawn in the summertime. If you are experiencing hot, humid weather now and have had problems with fungus in the past you may want to apply a fungicide now before disease appears.  Jonathan Green Lawn Fungus Control is both a preventative and curative product. Be sure to repeat applications every thirty days during the summer.

If you have had problems with grubs in the past now is the time to apply your season long grub control.  Jonathan Green Grub Control contains more active ingredient per square foot than the competition to fight those nasty grubs.  Remember you do not need to apply grub control in shady areas because grubs only thrive in warm, sunny areas of the lawn. 


For more information, how-to videos and informative articles visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Enjoy your lawn, stay cool and happy summer!


Jonathan Green


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