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Ice Melt and Your Lawn

December Timely Tips

New Jersey Fertilizer Law Update


Remember according to the NJ Fertilizer Law residents cannot apply fertilizer to their lawns between November 15 and March 1.  For some quick facts on this new law please click here.  For even more information visit the NJ DEP website.



December 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 
Happy winter!  December is here which means snow, ice and ice melt.  Do you know how ice melt products will affect your lawn?  Please always exercise caution and apply ice melt when necessary we don't want anyone slipping.  Remember your lawn can always be replaced.  Here are some facts about ice melt and your lawn.

Types of Ice Meltsnowman 9
The most common ice melt products are rock salt (sodium chloride), potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and urea.  Chlorides can be harmful to grass if applied too heavily.  Salt can dry out the plant and cause it to die.  Apply ice melt carefully around the edge of your lawn to try and avoid damage. 

What are the effects?

snowy grass 3Many ice melt products contain potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and urea which are also used in many types of fertilizers.  Repeated applications over time will usually show signs of yellowing or dead grass.  If your town applies large amounts of rock salt to the roads and then plows snow onto your lawn you may experience yellowing and dead grass.  Don't worry, it happens to everyone.  You can always seed these areas in the spring.  We recommended Black Beauty Ultra which is perfect for filling in damaged spots in the lawn.

How can Jonathan Green help?

Jonathan Green Melt-A-Way is a premium ice melt product on the market today.  It is fast-acting and is gentle on lawns, shrubs and concrete.  Melt-A-Way has a reduced freeze-thaw cycle which means there will be less damage to concrete.  Melt-A-Way will not damage leather shoes so you can keep your holiday boots looking nice! 

For more on Melt-A-Way click here

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