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Lawn Fungus Frenzy


Fun Lawn Fact

Most of the land in Europe and America was once used for agriculture. As people accumulated more wealth the desire for manicured lawns increased. A beautiful lawn was a status symbol and a sign of disposable income.  It showed you appreciated the finer things in life.

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June 2012
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast,

Many parts of the country have experienced unusual temperatures this year.  These fluctuating conditions have created the perfect environment for lawn fungus to flourish.  Homeowners are already seeing the effects on their lawns.  In addition we have seen weeds and insects appearing at a higher rate than normal.  Set your lawn straight for the summer and follow these timely tips for June.

Frightened about fungus

Fungus damage usually occurs from May through September.  Fungus is spread by wind, air, water, animals, people, insects and lawn mowers.  Some of the most damaging lawn fungi are spread by Mycelia which travel from leaf to leaf and leave "spider web" like formations on your grass.  Spots on leaves, color, growth, time of year and temperature help determine if you have a fungus.  Here are some common lawn fungus types to look out for:

Red Thread - creates bright red thread-like strands near grass tips.
Summer Patch - yellow patches 6-12 inches and form rings around healthy grass.
Dollar Spot - two to three inches of straw colored patches with bleached centers and orange borders.
Brown Patch - patches of discolored, wilting and dead grass.
Leafspot - grass blades have oval, purple spots with some yellowing and thinning turf.

How do I fight off fungus?

If you have a history of lawn fungus apply Jonathan Green Lawn Fungus Control today.  This product controls over 20 lawn diseases like Summer Patch, Red Thread and Dollar Spot.  The best way to prevent diseases in your lawn is to seed with Jonathan Green grass seed mixtures.  A healthy lawn is the best defense against lawn problems. 

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The bugs are back!

Fungus is not the only lawn problem that affects weakened lawns.  Now is the time homeowners notice insects in the lawn like ticks, chinch bugs and grubs.  Many of these pests can hurt children and pets.  Now is the time to apply Jonathan Green Lawn Insect Control or Jonathan Green Pest Kill and stop the bugs from biting.  Pest Kill controls deer ticks, grubs, chinch bugs and over 30 insect pests.  Lawn Insect Control will stop over 30 lawn pests including tickets, ants, fleas, chinch bugs and more!  ants
Think you may have bugs? Find out here!

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Jonathan Green

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