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Spring is Finally Here!

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Time for Tomatoes!

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Everyone loves a great tomato and Jonathan Green has the perfect pair of products to help you grow great looking tomatoes this year!

·        Tomato Care

  •  An organic blend of nutrients that includes sulfur, iron, magnesium & zinc
  • Encourages soil life


  • 100% Organic Calcium Fertilizer
  • Inhibits blossom end rot
  • Encourages soil life
Use these together this spring in your garden to have the best tomatoes in town!

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May 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 

After an unusually cold start to spring this year the warmer weather is finally on its way.  Let us help you have the best lawn you can this year with this month's edition of Timely Tips.

Pests plaguing your playtime?

ants raiding picnicDon't let pests like ticks and grubs ruin your family's playtime on your lawn this spring.  Try these proven products and eliminate those nasty pests before they can spoil your spring fun. To maximize protection apply in May, July and September.

A frequently asked question that we receive from homeowners is:
"I have ants and other bugs on my lawn.  How do I get rid of them?"

Want to know the answer? Click here to find out!

Weeds, weeds and more weeds!

Many homeowners are battling with dandelions and crabgrass in their lawn this sprincrabgrass-exampleg.  Don't let weeds ruin your lawn's appearance.  Try these weed controls to have the best looking lawn in town this spring.

Homeowners frequently ask us:
"When can I apply broadleaf weed controls to newly seeded grass?"

Think you know the answer? Click here to see if you are right!

For more information, how-to videos and gift coupons visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Enjoy your lawn and happy spring!


Jonathan Green

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