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Back to School Lawn Basics

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"D" is for Download!laptop money 2

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September 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 

Summer is over and it is back to school season.  The hot weather is over and your lawn is ready for a fall seeding and feeding.  Follow these ABC's of lawn care to ensure your lawn survives the cold weather that lies ahead.  Pay attention, this is one class you do not want to miss!

"A" is for Apple

apple on grass 3Do you remember bringing an apple to the teacher on the first day of school?  Did you shine it up before handing it to them?  An apple has a shine due to the waxy cuticle coating on the skin.  This coating keeps the apple fresh and moist.  Black Beauty grass seed also has a waxy coating.  This keeps the moisture in the blades of grass and therefore your lawn greener for a longer period of time.  For a naturally, dark green lawn try seeding this fall with Black Beauty grass seed and grow the lawn you always wanted.

For more on Black Beauty grass seed click here!

"B" is for the Best Lawn in Town

We all want the best lawn in town.  A dark, lush, green lawn that will make your neighbors envious.  The best way to achieve this is to properly feed your lawn and condition the soil.  Have you ever tested your soil's pH?  If you have had trouble spots in the past or difficulty growing anything but weeds you may have a soil problem.  Use a Soil pH Test Kit to determine your soil's pH and then spread Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer to adjust it.  Be sure to fertilize too!  If you are seeding remember to use New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer which will feed your lawn and give the new seedlings the nutrients they need most.

For more on feeding your lawn click here!

"C" is for Crabgrass

Is crabgrass still plaguing your lawn?  Are you continually disappointed with the weed controls you apply?  Luckily the first frost will kill off any existing crabgrass that is still on your lawn.  You should build a strong foundation for your lawn with a fall seeding and feeding.  If you are worried the crabgrass may come back you can apply Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up next spring.  This product will control crabgrass both before AND after it germinates up to the three leaf stage.crabgrass-example 2

For more information on controlling crabgrass click here!

We hope you have enjoyed this class in lawn care.  Remember to do your homework and figure out exactly what your lawn needs.  If you have questions or want to share your lawn stories post them on our interactive forumFor more information, how-to videos and informative articles visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Have a safe and happy back to school season!



Jonathan Green


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