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Your Lawn in November

November Timely Tips

Should I aerate?

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Aerating your lawn is a great way to break up the soil and provides air, water and nutrients to flow to grass root systems.  Core aerating is better than spiking and acts as free top dressing for your lawn.

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November 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 

The cold weather is now upon us!  You may be wondering what to do with your lawn now that frosty mornings and snowy days are ahead.  Our advice for your lawn this November are below.  Follow these timely tips to insure your lawn looks great next spring when the warm weather returns.


Seeding in the Fall

baby_pumpkin 3In late fall you can apply grass seed successfully but, based on temperatures, you need to have realistic expectations concerning the extent of new seedlings filling in bare or thin areas.  Late fall plantings are not killed by cold temperatures but rather from drying out.  Take special care to water your new grass.  The freezing and thawing of soils heaves poorly rooted grass plants out of the ground, which will then dry and die.  Keeping grass plants watered will help to maximize root growth before freezing weather arrives.

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Can I still fertilize?

It still is a good idea to fertilize with Jonathan Green Winter 

Survival Fall Fertilizer to further develop and strengthen root systems.  Jonathan Green fertilizer will help frozen_grass 3grass plants continue to mature and will help the turf thicken during cold months.  The fertilizer nutrients are picked up by the plant, stored in the roots and used throughout the winter. 

What else can I do this fall?

Fall is a great time to apply MAG-I-CAL, a calcium based product, to raise soil pH values.  The soil’s freezing and thawing helps to work these applications into the soil so your lawn is in better shape next spring.  Continue to mow your lawn as long as it is growing.  The weekly cutting requirements will slow down to perhaps every 10-14 days in the late fall.  Be sure to check with your local extension agent if there are any cut-off dates you need to fertilize by.

Eat_Ham_TurkeyFor more information, how-to videos and informative articles visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Remember the steps you take now for your lawn will determine how it will look next spring!

Jonathan Green


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