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Summer Brings Fungus and Bugs!

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Organic Solutions to Summertime Stress

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Does your lawn perform poorly in the summer heat? Looking for an organic answer to the problem? Try Jonathan Green Natural Beauty Organic Lawn Fertilizer.

Natural Beauty....

  • Feeds your lawn through the soil allowing it to draw nutrients as needed.
  • Reduces chemical nitrogen inspired diseases like brown patch and summer patch.
  • Will give your lawn a better color while reducing stress and providing drought resistance.
  • Will increase microbe and earthworm populations in the soil.
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June 2011
Greetings Lawn Enthusiast, 

After an unusually cool and wet spring we find that we are suddenly in the middle of the summer heat.  The large amount of rain and a cold spring means fungus is likely to appear on your lawn.  The chinch bugs are also starting to pop up all over.  You need to take action now to save your lawn for the fall.  Let us help you have the best lawn you can with this month's edition of Timely Tips.

Frantic about fungus?

summerpatchMost fungus damage occurs from May through September.  Fungi are microscopic organisms that spread by wind, air, water, animals, insects and people.  It is not always easy to diagnose a lawn fungus.  One example of a fungus is summer patch which is pictured here.

How do you prevent or treat a lawn fungus?  Be sure to start with the highest quality grass seeds to establish a strong foundation for your lawn.  If you already have fungus try Jonathan Green Lawn Fungus Control which attacks over 20+ lawn diseases.

Want to know more about how to treat fungus? Click here!

They're here! Chinch bugs returnChinchbugs_adult

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Oftentimes insects will attack a lawn that is in stress or weak for some reason.  Be sure to address the immediate problem of the chinch bugs with Summer Survival Lawn Insect Control plus Fertilizer , Lawn Insect Control or Pest Kill.  After you address the problem try and diagnosis why the lawn was stressed to begin with.  Choosing quality grass seed mixtures that contain endophytes will help your lawn naturally resist an insect attack.  Try Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed Mixture which contains endophytes and will give you a lush green lawn. 

Do you have bugs in your lawn?  Don't know how to identify them?
Click here for more helpful tips on how to control bugs

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For more information, how-to videos and informative articles visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips.  Enjoy your lawn and happy summer!


Jonathan Green


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