November 2015 Forest Health Task Force Newsletter
November, 2015 Newsletter

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Community Resiliency and Forest Monitoring

The Forest Health Task Force meets Wednesday, November 18, 12 - 1:30.
Mount Royal Room, County Commons, 0037 Peak One Drive, Frisco

The snow is here to stay and we have wrapped up our monitoring field work for the year. Our last monitoring days were November 1st and 2nd in Mesa Cortina. At this month's meeting, we have new findings to share with our group. We will also be presenting ideas for program improvements based on feedback from last month's meeting. 

We will be talking more about community resiliency and the important connection between volunteer forest monitoring and community resiliency.

Please join us as we seek to engage with community members about our evolving forests. Come share your information and ideas. Lunch is provided.

REMINDER! Future Meetings:

Wed, Dec 16, Noon, Blue River Room, in Silverthorne
Wed, Jan 20, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, Feb 17, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, Mar 16, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, Apr 20, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco
Wed, May 18, Noon-1:30, Mt. Royal Room, Frisco 

Reshaping Forests


The UPS Foundation Sets Global Goal to Plant 15 Million Trees by the End of 2020 (, Oct 28, 2015)

..."Tree planting is a very effective way to remove carbon from our environment and generate decades of positive impacts for communities around the world," said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation. "These include creating better farming conditions to increase available food, jobs and shelter as well as providing protection for areas that are vulnerable to extreme weather events...." READ MORE
Forests & Technology


X-ray technology reveals California's forests are in for a radical transformation (, Oct 28, 2015)

...The Forest Service had estimated that nearly 12.5 million trees in the state's southern and central forests were dead. But as Asner peered down upon the same forests from his airplane at 6,000 feet, he saw something far worse....There is no saying which trees will die, but by his estimation the count statewide could be close to 120 million — as much as 20% of the state's forests....Yet as grave as the effects of the drought have been, Asner insists there is hope....

"If I looked around and thought there was no way to deal with these problems, I would be pessimistic," he says. "But there is a way with effective management...."READ MORE


(High Country News Photo)

Congress tries to speed up contentious post-fire logging
(, Oct 15, 2015)

The third-largest wildfire in California history, 2013’s Rim Fire, burned more than 400 square miles including parts of Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest. A year later, the Forest Service proposed cutting down the dead and damaged trees across about 50 square miles, but environmental groups sued to stop the salvage logging, saying it would harm wildlife and impede forest regeneration...READ MORE

Forest Health,
Your Health

Brazil Deforestation

Study: Reduction in Amazon deforestation improves air quality, prevents premature deaths (, October 27, 2015)

..."The study shows for the first time that reducing deforestation results in improved air quality, which in turn leads to a reduction in the number of deaths due to exposure to atmospheric pollution in most of South America," told Paulo Artaxo, Full Professor of Physics at USP and one of the authors of the paper. According to the researchers....READ MORE

Forest Efforts
in Colorado


Worth Reading: "A Case Study of a Community Affected by the Waldo Fire - Event Timeline and Defensive Actions,"

Colorado Tree Farmers: Curious about Colorado's trees? Check out this super comprehensive website

USDA Report: From Accelerating Restoration To Creating and Maintaining Resilient Landscapes and Communities Across the Nation

Consider Following on Twitter:
            USFS: White River Forest
            Global Forest Watch
            Rights and Resources: Indonesia bans peatlands destruction
            National Forest Foundation: Tree planting, Columbia River, forest facts

Point of View


Cooperation Key in Effort to Re-Establish Forest Health
(, Oct 24, 2015)

The issues with forest health in the Pacific Northwest have been building for more than a century and aren’t going to be resolved tomorrow. But one project in the Oak Creek Wildlife Area is a good start — and could well serve as a model for the entire region.

The program involves habitat restoration, but not through bans on activity. It entails logging, but not clear cutting. It sets a goal of wildfire prevention, but not through aggressive suppression of fires as soon as they break out.

Most important, it’s a compromise approach with....READ MORE

Events & Info


6th Annual International Ecology and Management Congress: Advancing Ecology in Fire Management
Nov 16-20
San Antonio, TX: Registration/Info

FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, November 18, Noon
Mount Royal Room, County Commons in Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

Wildfire Council Meeting
Thursday, November 19, 1:30 to 3:30
Mount Royal Room, County Commons in Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

December 4, 8:30-4:45

Juniper Encroachment as a Public Health Issue
Dec 8 Webinar Info
1:30-2:30 MST

Watershed Wildfire Protection Group meeting
Friday, December 18, 9-3
Denver TBD (check our next newsletter or this site)

Summit County Wildfire Mitigation Grants
Check this website in early spring of 2016 for information on the 2016 Wildfire Grant program.

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