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Appreciating Our Mountains

Forest Health Task Force Monthly Meeting
Next Wednesday April 18 at Noon

We love our mountains, our valleys, our streams, our forests and our unique mountain lifestyle. But what caused it all? Why don't we look like Kansas? Join in our April meeting to hear the story behind the story. 
Joe Newhart will present the geological history of Summit County, encompassing the last 1.8 billion years. The core of the Gore and Ten Mile Ranges consist of 1.8 billion year old metamorphic rocks. Sedimentary rocks shed off the  300 million year old Ancestral Rocky Mountain uplifts are present in the Copper Mountain and Vail Pass areas. During the Cretaceous period, the Western Interior  Seaway split the North American continent, and marine shales were deposited  across Colorado. The uplift of the Rocky Mountains occurred 60-45 million years ago, and was followed by the formation of the Colorado Mineral Belt. The formation of the Blue River Valley and the glacial landforms will be discussed. 

There will plenty of time for questions and answers. Each attendee will have an opportunity to share with the group how they ended up in Summit County and why they love our special place.

Please confirm you can attend (or not). Lunch will be served.
Please RSVP to Howard if you can attend or not: future1946@yahoo.com
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REMINDER! Future FHTF Meetings, 12-1:30

Wed, May 16, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, June 20, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, July 18, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, Aug 15, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, Sept 19, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room

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In the News

Volunteers are needed this summer to help protect and maintain Summit County’s forests (SDN, March, 2018, by Deepan Dutta)

As spring arrives and the great thaw begins, Summit County's Forest Health Task Force is calling for residents to come out of their burrows and volunteer for forestry projects this summer.

Much of the work to maintain and nurture Summit's forests falls on volunteers with passion and commitment. For that reason, volunteerism was the main topic of discussion at the task force's monthly meeting on Wednesday. Most of the volunteer opportunities are... READ MORE



As cities boom, forests key to meeting demands for water, food and energy – UN (United Nations, March 2018)

“How we manage forests will determine how we meet this demand,” said Manoel Sobral Filho, Director of the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat (UNFFS).

He noted that growth and shifts in population, changes in climate, and innovation in knowledge and technology will undoubtedly impact future forests. “One thing I am certain of, investing in...READ MORE
Wildfire Season
in Colorado


250 Homes Evacuated For New Colorado Wildfire (CBSDenver, March 2018)

For the second straight day, a wildfire broke out south of Colorado Springs and forced people to evacuate.

About 250 homes were evacuated in an area that includes part of northern Pueblo County and part of southern El Paso County, south of Fort Carson.  Several building have burned but there is no estimate on how many homes have been lost.

Areas that have been evacuated include the community of Midway, north to Donner Pass View, south to County Line Road, east to Interstate 25, and west to Fort Carson Route 1.

So far, there are no reports of injuries.

The fire, which is being called the Carson Midway Fire, broke out late... READ MORE
Kids and gaming

Not always bad

How Pokemon Helped Inspire A Citizen Science Project To Monitor Tiny Streams (KUNC.org, March 2018)

In parched states like Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, water is a big issue, especially with growing populations that constantly need more and more.

But there’s a big question: How do we accurately forecast the amount of water that will be available any given year? It’s not easy. But some Colorado scientists think they’re onto a possible solution -- inspired by Pokemon.

Before we get to Pokemon, let’s start with the problem. And to understand the problem, we have to start on the side of a... READ MORE
The Future of Skiing


For Yellowstone And America, Climate Change Brings Our Moment Of Truth (Mountain Journal, March 2018)

Colorado Forests
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2017 Annual Report

2017 Report on the Health of Colorado's Forests (CSFS, February 2017)

The 2017 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests (2.2 MB PDF), distributed today by the Colorado State Forest Service at the annual Joint Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Hearing at the State Capitol, highlighted these and other facts related to forestry issues in the state. 

The theme of this year’s report is “Meeting the Challenge of Dead and At-Risk Trees.”

“Our forests bring incredible value to Colorado, from clean air and clean water to the beautiful landscapes that we treasure,” said Mike Lester, state forester and director of the CSFS. 

Read the REPORT
Events & Info

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NEXT FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, May 16, Noon-1:30
Mt. Royal Room, County Commons
Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

Watershed Wildfire Protection Group
Northern Water, Shadow Mountain Conf. Room, 220 Water Ave., Berthoud, CO
April 13, 9-3

Southern Rockies Fire Science Network
Bridging the Divide: New 4-Part Video Series
About Southern Colorado's 2013 West Fork Fire Complex

National Forest Foundation - Phone/Audio Conference
Inventory and Analysis Tools to Assess Restoration Need Peer Learning Session
March 23, 2-3:30 Eastern Time
Register Here

FDRD: Volunteer Opportunities
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Colorado State Forest Service Volunteer Opportunities
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