September 2017 Newsletter

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Planning the Successful Completion of this Season's Forest Monitoring Projects  

The Forest Health Task Force meets next Wednesday, September 20, Noon - 1:30 p.m
County Commons, Mount Royal Room
Our volunteer forest monitoring teams have successfully completed monitoring of the 51 Barton plots. CONGRATULATIONS! 

We will review final results from the Barton plots and hear more volunteer observations. We will discuss weeds. We will again talk about improvements we can make moving forward.    

Next we will talk about the Boreas Pass plots. These plots require an expanded level of examination. With that in mind, we want to make certain volunteers are well-prepared. We will be discussing monitor protocol, recording and scheduling. Boreas Pass is an opportunity for those who have not yet participated to join the effort before the Season ends.

Also, expect Season end reports from the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District, the Summit County Wildfire Counsel, the U.S. Forest Service and other partners.

See you next Wednesday at Noon. Lunch will be served.
REMINDER! Future FHTF Meetings, 12-1:30:

Wed, October 18, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, November 15, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, December 13, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room

Changing Climate

Causing more and bigger wildfires

Northwest forests will get more and bigger wildfires with climate change
(, September 2017)

As night fell last Monday in the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon slopes burned as if carpet-bombed from above. Winds acted like bellows in a hearth to supercharge the flames spread by embers flying from ridge to ridge. Stands of trees that matured over decades - sometimes centuries - were engulfed within minutes.
The Eagle Creek wildfire is a dramatic reminder that the forests of Western Oregon and Washington, so often cloaked in snow or drenched by rain, have a cycle of and renewal. When conditions are right, they can burn in spectacular fashion just like... Read More
West Coast Wildfires


Wildfire Season in the West Lasts Longer and Longer (Mother Jones, September 2017)

On the East Coast, the big danger comes from hurricanes, which are becoming ever more intense as ocean waters continue to warm. Here on the West Coast, we worry about wildfire season, which lasts longer and longer as summer temperatures linger into fall:
Despite record-breaking rain and snowfall across the West in 2017, this year’s fire season has been unforgiving….“Typically by the third week of September..." READ ARTICLE 
Forest Solutions


Forest management key to addressing wildfires (Register-Guard, September 2017)

Has summer become the season of smoke? The late-July and early-­August incursion of smoke from wildfires burning in British Columbia left me with a sore throat and a headache. I felt worse for the young, the elderly and people with breathing issues. Read the story
Let Forest Fires Burn? What the Black-Backed Woodpecker Knows (New York Times, September 2017)

...Scientists at the cutting edge of ecological research, Dr. Hanson among them, argue that the century-old American practice of suppressing wildfires has been nothing less than a calamity. They are calling for a new approach that basically involves letting backcountry fires burn across millions of acres....
...“From an ecological standpoint, everything I’ve learned teaches me this is a good idea: Stop putting out fires,” said Jennifer R. Marlon, a geographer at Yale who was among the first to use the term “fire deficit” to describe the situation. “These forests are made to have fire.” Yet in the few years when wildfires actually burn close to 10 million acres, that is seen as a national emergency, producing panicky news coverage portraying fires as devastating to forests.  Read about the Debate
Global Ecosystem Priorities


Ecosystem Restoration is Now a Global Priority: Time to Roll up our Sleeves (

Ecosystem restoration is now globally recognized as a key component in conservation programs and essential to the quest for the long-term sustainability of our human-dominated planet. Restoration scientists and practitioners are now on the frontline and will be increasingly called upon to get involved in large scale programs addressing immediate environmental crises and challenges. Here, we summarize the advances in mainstreaming ecological restoration in global environmental policy deliberations during....READ

Environment and Technology

Forest Service embraces 21st century technology
(Post Register, August 2017)

The U.S. Forest Service has not necessarily been known for its tech and social media savvy — until now.Liz Townley, marketing and outreach coordinator for a region of the Forest Service that includes the Salmon-Challis National Forest, is the genius behind the latest “out.LAND.ish,” a 10-episode podcast designed to broaden and enliven discussion tied to public lands.

The podcast episodes, which can be found at, come as... Read more
Watersheds and Forests

Proper forest road construction helps keep streams healthy, according to study (Tillamook Headlight Herald, September 2017)

Logging roads in the uplands of the northern Oregon Coast Range aren’t sending enough sediment into streams to harm fish and aquatic insects, according to a new Oregon State University study.

Ivan Arismendi, an aquatic ecologist in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, and his colleagues investigated whether current road-building practices were sending excessive sediment into the water. They sampled... Read article
Events & Info


NEXT FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, October 18, Noon-1:30
Mt. Royal Room, County Commons
Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

Colorado Water Congress - Summer Conference
January 24-26
Hyatt Regency, Denver Tech Center
Denver, CO
More Info

2017 Healing and Relaxing through Forest Bathing
Friday, September 21, 5-7
Flagstaff Nature Center
Flagstaff, CO

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Bridging the Divide: New 4-Part Video Series
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