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Volunteer Training
New Forest Monitor Opportunites

The Forest Health Task Force meets next Wednesday, April 19, Noon - 1:30 p.m
County Commons, Mount Royal Room (NOTE Room Change)

We are excited about our upcoming volunteer forest monitor season. We are making changes that will expand the program and improve the volunteer experience. Volunteers will be using new better equipment. Highlights for the upcoming season include:

Expanded opportunities so more citizen scientists can participate

A revamped, more thorough training program  

More detailed feedback from the U.S. Forest Service on how they are using our data

Not every plot gets monitored every year - there will be new plots in new locations - more variety

We will be focused on monitoring TEAMS - to keep the experience more interesting and productive

Whether you are already a forest monitor volunteer, or newcomer wanting to get involved and make a difference on our public forest lands, please join us. We welcome all participants.

See you Wednesday, April 19 at noon. Lunch will be served.Apr4
REMINDER! Future FHTF Meetings, 12-1:30:

Wed, May 17, County Commons, Buffalo Mt. Rm
Wed, June 21, County Commons, Buffalo Mt. Rm
Wed, July 19, County Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Wed, August 19, County Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Public Lands'


Public but not necessarily patrolled!
How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace  (OutsideMagazine, March 2017)

July 23, 2015 was the eve of Joseph Lloyd Keller's 19th birthday. The Cleveland, Tennessee, native had been spending the summer between his freshman and sophomore years at Cleveland State Community College on a western road trip with buddies Collin Gwaltney and Christian Fetzner in Gwaltney’s old Subaru. The boys had seen Las Vegas, San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon before heading to Joe’s aunt and uncle’s dude ranch, the Rainbow Trout Ranch, in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The ranch is in Conejos County, which is bigger than Rhode Island, with...Read Full Article
Forest and Energy



Forests and energy: What’s the connection?(Center For International Forestry Research/cifor.org March 2017 discussion with CIFOR Director General, Peter Holmgren)

Today we are marking the special occasion of the United Nations International Day of Forests. This year’s theme is ‘Forests and Energy’. Peter, why the linkage?

Peter Holmgren (PH): Well, it’s quite obvious to me, because if you look at energy — and bioenergy in particular — it’s very connected to forests. Out of bioenergy, a very large part of that is, of course, coming from wood biomass from forests, from trees, and also from other agriculture residues. Overall, almost 10% of the world’s energy mix comes from bioenergy in some form, and that makes forests and trees a very central part of our energy system. READ MORE of this discussion
Citizen Science
Upcoming Public TV Series

Look for it, next week!

Citizen Science comes to public tv this April (DiscoverMagazine.com, March 2017)

April, The Crowd & The Cloud brings you a 4-part public television series exploring citizen science, crowdsourcing, and mobile technology. You’ll find the SciStarter Project Finder on The Crowd & The Cloud website to help viewers of the show become do-ers of science!  Below we’ve highlighted each episode and related projects to jump start your viewing!

Read more about this series

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Environmental Protection Agency


CO2 no longer dangerous to health?

Climate doubters gather, call for killing EPA's finding that carbon dioxide endangers public health (Sciencemag.org, March 2017)

The most important message to send the Trump administration and Capitol Hill right now: The 2009 finding that carbon dioxide endangers public health "must go."

Advisers to the Trump administration's transition team at U.S. EPA and other long-established climate contrarians repeated that mantra for the past 36 hours at the Heartland Institute's 12th annual International Conference on Climate Change... Read Full Article

Scott Pruitt isn’t the first administrator hostile to the EPA’s mission (High Country News, March 2017)

On March 25, 1983, business was booming at Harry’s Liquor, Wine & Cheese, near the Environmental Protection Agency’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. EPA employees were in the mood to party. The agency’s top lawyer had just resigned, the latest casualty in a purge of...READ MORE
The New Climate ...

 2016 Climate Chart

How Broadcast Networks Covered Climate Change In 2016  (Mediamatters. March 2017)

In 2016, evening newscasts and Sunday shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as Fox Broadcast Co.'s Fox News Sunday, collectively decreased their total coverage of climate change by 66 percent compared to 2015, even though there were a host of important climate-related stories, including the announcement of 2015 as the hottest year on record, the signing of the Paris climate agreement, and numerous climate-related extreme weather events. There were also two... Read more

US Forest Service News

CFLRP funding uncertain after 2019 (Ouraynews.com, March 2017)

The Uncompahgre Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project has monitored and managed thousands of acres on the Uncompahgre Plateau since it was formed in 2009, implementing work that has dealt with forest restoration, prescribed fire, aquatics, travel management and wildlife. However, the funding cycle for CFLRP will...Read more
Fighting Fires

Volunteer firefighters

Fire Law: Membership Voting & Discrimination in Volunteer Fire Companies (Firehouse.com, March 2017)

The history of organized firefighting in the United States dates back to the 1700s with the formation of Mutual Fire Societies, organizations of neighbors volunteering with each other to combat fires. According to Dennis Smith’s book, The History of Firefighting in America: “The Mutual Fire Societies became social as well as protective associations, setting a pattern for organized volunteer firefighting groups, which would one day be the backbone of firefighting in America and would dominate it for a century and a half.”

These organizations were created ... GO TO STORY

Events & Info


NEXT FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, May 17, Noon-1:30
Buffalo Mtn Room, County Commons in Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

High Country Conservation: Energy Efficiency Workshop
April 12, 8-12
Freemont Room @ Community & Senior Center, 83 Nancy's Place, Frisco
More Info

Collaborative Science with indigenous knowledge for climate solutions
April 13-15, 9am, Thursday - noon Saturday
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, CO
More Info

Colorado Wildland Fire Conference
Pueblo Convention Center
April 19-21
More Info

People's Climate March on Denver
April 29, 10-4
Denver's Civic Center Park, Colfax and Bannock
More Info

Colorado Water Congress- Summer Conference
August 22-25
Vail, CO
More Info

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