April 2015 Forest Health Task Force Newsletter
April, 2015 Newsletter

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Forest Health Task Force meets this Wednesday, April 15 at noon
(County Commons)

Our focus will be forest research. We will be joined by U.S. Forest Service researcher Chuck Rhoades. We look forward to hearing about his past, present, and planned future forest research work. As a group, the Forest Health Task Force is especially interested in forest research relevant to Summit County. We are eager to understand how monitoring and research informs forest management policy, particularly at our local level.

Many of our forest monitoring volunteers are hoping their future efforts can agument research already in progress, and perhaps provide new scientific data about our Summit County Forests. We plan to do some brainstorming.
Chuck's formal education includes:

CSU, BS Forest Management, 1984
CSU, MS Forest Ecology, 1992
University of Georgia, Ph.D. Forest Biogeochemistry and Soil Ecology, 1997

In his research, Chuck evaluates  biogeochemical linkages between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in managed and unmanaged areas. Much of his work addresses the role of upland and riparian soils and vegetation in regulating nitrogen and carbon retention and export from forest watersheds and how natural and anthropogenic disturbance alters these processes.

REMINDER! Upcoming Meetings:
May 20, 12-1:30
June 16, 12-1:30

Meetings are at:
County Commons, 83 Nancy,s Place, Frisco, CO in the Buffalo Mountain Room from 12-1:30.

Everybody is welcome. Please join us to hear what's new with the forest and express your opinions. We will provide lunch.
World Forest News


New platform enables close-to-real time deforestation analysis in non-Brazilian Amazon (MongaBay.com, April 9, 2015)

A new platform will provide critical near-real time information and analysis on emerging threats to forests in the non-Brazilian Amazon. Officially announced today, the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP) in an initiative launched by the Amazon Conservation Association and Conservación Amazónica-ACCA. The platform allows the public to scrutinize activities in the Earth's most biologically diverse forest: the Western Amazon of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. "The ultimate goal...Read more
Managing our Forests


Become a Citizen Scientist at the National Park 
(Vermont Standard, April 10, 2015)

‘Tis the season of melting snow and billowing sugar house chimneys — and the sound of breeding frogs, the honk of returning Canada geese, and the frequent visits of the black bears raiding the forgotten bird feeders after a long winter’s nap.It’s called phenology, and it’s the key to...READ MORE

Colorado State University's 2015 Forest Report
Urban and Community Forests: "An Investment in Colorado"

Access the whole report.




How Pope Francis will transform the climate change culture wars in America  (RawStory.com, April 10, 2015)

This summer, Pope Francis plans to release an encyclical letter in which he will address environmental issues, and very likely climate change. His statement will have a profound impact on the public debate. For one, it will elevate the spiritual, moral and religious dimensions of the issue. Calling on people to protect the global climate because it is sacred, both for its own God-given value and for the life and dignity of all humankind, not just the affluent few, will create... READ MORE
Is 'Game of Thrones' aiding the global debate on climate change?
(UK.Reuters.com, April 8, 2015)

In the continent of Westeros in the hit television series "Game of Thrones", humankind is coming under threat from a zombie-like race from the north - but also from an ominous impending winter. While fans of the fantasy drama watched by, almost 20 million people... READ MORE


Our Land, Up for Grabs
(NYT, April 2, 2015)

A BATTLE is looming over America’s public lands.It’s difficult to understand why, given decades of consistent, strong support from voters of both parties for protecting land, water and the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic benefits these resources make possible.Last week, the United States Senate voted 51 to 49 to...READ MORE




Healthy Forest/Healthy Communities

Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities supports a comprehensive and permanent solution that moves counties away from an uncertain future of dwindling federal payments to a long-term solution that meets the federal government’s obligation to federally-forested communities. Allowing active and sustainable forest management on federal lands will create jobs in rural communities.  It will help create.. READ MORE

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