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Forest Resiliency

Forest Health Task Force Monthly Meeting
Wednesday January 17th at Noon
Our featured speaker at this month's meeting is Matt Schiltz with the Colorado State Forest Service. Matt will be discussing forest resilience. Matt says that when we talk about the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, fire, or logging with people, often times, the word “devastating” comes up; but high elevation lodgepole pine forests possess a remarkable ability to recover from disturbance that can easily be overlooked.  We can look at a series of photographs taken from logged or burned areas over the years and this resilience becomes apparent and forests actually seem to thrive post disturbance.

We will also be reviewing the results of last month's volunteer survey. Come join us January 17th from Noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Mt. Royal Room at the County Commons south of Frisco.
Please RSVP to Howard if you can attend or not: future1946@yahoo.com

REMINDER! Future FHTF Meetings, 12-1:30

Wed, February 21, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, March 21, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room
Wed, April 18, County Commons, Mt. Royal Room

Our waters

...and fire

It's not only trees -- Wildfires imperil water too (HCN.org December 2017)

he Fourmile Canyon Fire, sparked by a backyard burn west of Boulder, Colorado, in 2010, caused $220 million in damage and destroyed 168 homes. It also scorched nearly a quarter of a watershed that supplies water to the nearby community of Pine Brook Hills. The problems didn’t end there: Long after the blaze was put out, intense rainstorms periodically washed sediment and other particles downstream, disrupting water treatment and forcing... Read More



Proper Fire Funding Continues to Elude Congress (HCN.org December 2017)

On Sept. 14, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue officially declared that the 2017 fire season was the Forest Service’s most expensive ever, with costs topping $2 billion. Perdue noted that fire suppression, which accounted for just 16 percent of the agency’s budget in 1995, now takes up over 55 percent. “We end up having to hoard all of the money that is intended for fire prevention,” he wrote in a press release, “because we’re afraid we’re going to need it to actually fight fires.” ... READ ARTICLE
Forests and a Changing Climate

Cheesman Reservoir in Drought

Colorado's Forests in a Changing Climate (Colorado State Forest Service)

Colorado’s climate, like that of the rest of the planet, is undergoing significant change. Specifically, our state has experienced increasingly warmer temperatures in recent decades, as compared to longer-term averages. As a result, changes to forest environments already are occurring. What do these changes mean for Colorado forests, and for forest landowners?



Environmental Optimism

This Colorado physicist’s gospel of energy efficiency is taking hold. But is it too late? (Colorado Independent, by Allen Best, November 2017)

Amory Lovins recently traveled from his home near Aspen to talk about growing bananas at 7,100 feet in the Colorado Rockies. The house was built in the early 1980s, he told an audience at an energy conference held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and since then he’s had 66 harvests. But his point wasn’t really about the bananas. It was about the energy used to grow the bananas. Temperatures in the Aspen area then.. READ MORE

Citizen Science in
Pacific Northwest and

Backcountry skiers on Thompson Pass measured the snowpack for scientists (AP, January 2018)

Sustaining our Tree Farmers

The 2018 Outlook for the American Tree Farm System  (American Forest Foundation, December 2017)

As we look to a new year, we find ourselves at the cusp of an exciting and important time for the American Tree Farm System (ATFS), the largest landowner program of the American Forest Foundation (AFF). As an organization, AFF’s core work to engage family landowners in stewardship that protects clean water, improves wildlife habitat and provides sustainable wood supplies is helping to tackle some of the greatest conservation challenges in the U.S. today.  And, there are results to prove it. Through our conservation placed-based work, we have found break-through ways to introduce sustainable forestry to landowners and engage them in management. What’s more, in these projects... Read article
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NEXT FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, February 21, Noon-1:30
Mt. Royal Room, County Commons
Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

Colorado Water Congress - Summer Conference
January 24-26
Hyatt Regency, Denver Tech Center
Denver, CO
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High Country Forest Collaborative Meeting
Location and timing TBD
February 16, 10-2

Community based Collaborative COnservation Workshop
CSU - Fort Collins
Feb 28-March 2

Southern Rockies Fire Science Network
Bridging the Divide: New 4-Part Video Series
About Southern Colorado's 2013 West Fork Fire Complex

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