September 2016 Forest Health Task Force Newsletter
September 2016 Newsletter

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U.S. Forest Service Dillon Ranger District Perspective

The Forest Health Task Force meets Wednesday, September 21, noon - 1:30 p.m
County Commons, Mount Royal Room


This month we welcome Adam Bianchi, U.S. Forest Service Deputy Dillon District Ranger as our featured presenter. Adam will speak about what the Dillon Ranger District hopes to achieve through the Summit County Forest Health Task Force and how we can contribute to greater collaboration in the future management of our local forests. Adam will share ideas about how we can help the Forest Service through a variety of activities including volunteer forest monitoring and other citizen science efforts.
Adam is originally from Iowa. He attended Iowa State University, and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry. Following his education, he began his career with the Forest Service at the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota. Since then, he has worked for the Lassen National Forest in California and the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan. He has worked predominately as a Forester throughout his career. He is a certified Timber Sale Administrator and Silviculturist for the US Forest Service. Last June, Adam moved to Colorado with his wife and feels truly fortunate to be the new Deputy District Ranger for the Dillon Ranger District.

We will also have updates from the Summit County Wildfire Council, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District and Summit County Government. Join us Wednesday, September 21 at noon. Lunch will be served. 
REMINDER! Future Meetings:

Wed, Oct 19, Noon, County Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Wed, Nov 16, Noon, County Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Wildfire perspective


Spectators at Fort Collins Wildfire
Wildfire-Fighting Challenges in Colorado (Yale Climate Connections, August 2016)
Longer fire seasons and drier conditions are making fires more ferocious – and capable of surprising even the most experienced firefighters.

Several people stop to watch a forest fire in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

WHITTEMORE: “And that surprise is what kills people.”
WHITTEMORE: “It’s getting scary and it’s getting sad....

As global warming leads to fiercer fires, Whittemore and other firefighters know the heat is on to slow climate change..READ MORE
Going Forward


Park Service Planning
How the Park Service is planning for climate change The agency is forging ahead despite meager help from Congress. (High Country News, August 2016)

Five years ago, just after archaeologist Marcy Rockman joined the National Park Service’s new climate change response program, the GOP-controlled Congress slashed its budget by 70 percent. Republicans were determined to squash President Barack Obama’s climate agenda, and many federal officials were deeply discouraged. So Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis convened his top staff and climate team. Rockman says he pounded his fist on a table and bellowed: “Say the ‘c’ word!” It was a clear battle cry, she adds:  “Jarvis was so forceful in saying, ‘We are doing this!’ ”With only $2.8 million and a tiny staff, the program... READ MORE
Forest Restoration

An orangutan rehabilitation centre in Sepilok, Sabah, East Malaysia. Just like orangutans, forests need to be rehabilitated, too, because their destruction invites catastrophic climate change.

Support for restoring the world’s deforested and degraded landscapes is growing rapidly. (World Resources Institute, 2016)

A 2014 report by the New Climate Economy noted that restoring just 12 percent of degraded agricultural land in the world could feed an additional 200 million people by 2030, while providing environmental benefits. Thirty-one countries have made commitments through the Bonn Challenge, a global initiative to... GO TO SITE

Forest restoration can turn the clock back (EcoBusiness, August 2016)

The ecological and carbon cost of rainforest destruction goes on accumulating for years after nations halt the conversion of canopy into farmland, scientists have found. This implies that to meet ambitious targets, global strategies to combat climate change – including forest restoration – should have...Read Complete Article

Public Interest
annamaewright 2

Ana Mae Wright

Meet the West’s oldest climate correspondent The pika is fading from historical habitat and a new study points to climate change. (High Country News, September 2016) In many households, 6 p.m. means dinnertime. But for 89-year-old Anna Mae Wright and her family, that hour marks another daily routine, stretching back more than seven decades: “Weather-reading time.”

Since the late 1940s... Read more


Climate Change Impacts

American Pika

American pika disappearing from Western regions The pika is fading from historical habitat and a new study points to climate change. (High Country News, September 2016)

For years, researchers have believed that climate change may be driving American pika populations from mountainous regions in the American West. A study released last week further confirms their suspicions: even in areas with abundant habitat, American pikas are having a hard time surviving due to climate change....Read More

The Value of Citizen Science

North Cascade Volunteer Butterfly Tracking

Citizen Science is Sound Science Provided by You (USFS, August 2016)

Have you ever seen a cool bird in your backyard and wondered if there was some way to share what you saw with others? Better yet, have you thought about sharing your observations and having them used to help study and conserve those birds? These thoughts are an indicator that you might have the makings of a great citizen scientist!.... The Forest Service very much wants to engage communities in caring for their land and natural resources. Every year, tens of thousands of volunteers take to the forests, grasslands, wetlands, coasts–and their own backyards–to contribute high quality data for science.
When the public is involved... READ ARTICLE
Events & Info


NEXT FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, September 21, Noon
Mount Royal Room, County Commons in Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

FDRD: Volunteer Opportunities
Join FDRD for on-going volunteer activities

Friends of Eaglesnest Wilderness
Readings from Jim Furnish's Book: TOWARD A NATURAL FOREST
September 16: 6-8 pm
Silverthorne Library

Colorado River District: one-day annual water seminar INFO
Sept 16, 9-3:30
Two Rivers Convention159 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO

CSFS Workday with Boulder District at Cal-Wood
Sunday, September 18, 8am – 5pm
2282 County Road 87, Jamestown, CO

CSFS is now accepting Forest Legacy Program proposals from Colorado landowners

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