January 2016 Forest Health Task Force Newsletter
January 2016 Newsletter

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Resilient Forests and Communities
in a Changing Climate

A Special Presentation by Brad Piehl

Note the Change in LOCATION back to the Mount Royal Room in Frisco

The Forest Health Task Force Meets Tomorrow, January 20th, Noon - 1:30
Mount Royal Room, Summit County Commons, 37 County Road 1005, Frisco

Join us tomorrow as we discuss strategies to bolster forest and community resilience under changing climate conditions. 

We will also hear from partners and volunteers to learn more about their achievements, challenges and what they have planned for next year.Nov152115Photos 009

Lunch will be served.
REMINDER! Future Meetings:

Wed, Feb 17, Noon, Cnty Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Wed, March 16 Noon, Cnty Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Wed, April 20, Noon, Cnty Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Wed, May 18, Noon, Cnty Commons, Mt. Royal Rm
Tues, June 14, Noon, Cnty Commons, Mt. Royal Rm

Citizen Science Gaining Traction

TreePlanting 2

Citizen scientists can help protect native woodlands, study shows (Science Daily, Dec 2015)

The end result of this research is that citizen science makes a meaningful contribution..." he says. Help from the public can therefore play an important role in informing policy and management... such as in helping scientists to....
Forests & Climate
Inextricable link

Brazil's Forest-Ag Intersection

Saving the Climate Requires Saving Forests  (Pacific Standard, January 2016)

...Back in 1996, the Nature Conservancy partnered with three fossil fuel and energy companies to protect and expand the park in a deal that was supposed to be a model for forest conservation. They got the Bolivian government to ban logging on 1.5 million acres adjacent to the national park, hired park rangers for the new area, and trained locals as eco-tourism guides. It seemed like a win-win: The Nature Conservancy would get a major victory in land conservation. BP, American Electric Power, and Pacificorp would get carbon offsets for their emissions. The project, however, was controversial.... READ MORE




Climate change triggers triage in Northwest forests (High Country News, January 2016)

"New results... show that atmospheric rivers, significant sources of rainfall, tend to intensify during El Niño events, and this year's strong El Niño likely will bring more precipitation to California and some relief for the drought.... Due to this El Niño, tropospheric ozone, a pollutant and greenhouse gas, is seen decreasing over mid-latitude locations such as the United States, and the risk of fires across the tropics is showing signs of increasing.....READ MORE

What to Expect Down the Road


Colorado State Forest Service 5-Year Strategic Plan (CSFS)

The Colorado State Forest Service Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 is derived from the collective voice of the CSFS and its external partners, and supports the agency moving cohesively toward the same overarching strategic goals and vision of “healthy and resilient forests....

The plan is designed to be a guiding document that provides clear direction at a high level, which is easy to understand and used regularly internally and externally. Along with annual Reports on the Health of Colorado’s Forests, the plan will help guide forest management decisions and programs over the next five years.... READ MORE

Wildfire Grant Program

Dan Schroder
Summit County
CSU Extension Director
Or visit www.SummitCountyCO.gov

Summit County Wildfire Council Grant Program

Since 2006 the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), through the Summit County Wildfire Council (SCWC), has provided matching grants to eligible homeowner groups to support community wildfire protection projects.  In 2008, Summit County voters approved Referred Measure 1A, which among other things provides funding to support the SCWC Grant programs.  The Grant programs assist Summit County property owners with actual costs associated with community protection from wildfire through a reimbursement process.  All projects addressing community protection from wildfire (e.g.: fuel reduction, cistern installation, neighborhood signage, egress considerations, outreach education) are eligible to apply. To obtain the pre-application please contact: Dan Schroder.

Events & Info

Nov152115Photos 008

NEXT FHTF Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, February 17, Noon
Mount Royal Room, County Commons in Frisco (37 Peak One Dr.)

Working Toward Resilient Landscapes and Communities
April 26-28
Denver, CO INFO

Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention INFO
August 24-26, 2016
Denver, CO

Summit County Wildfire Mitigation Grants
Check this website in early spring of 2016 for information on the 2016 Wildfire Grant program.

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