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June 3, 2013
Contact: Maria Espinoza-Lyng
Organization Represents The Victims Of Illegal Alien Violence
“I am the Founder and Director of The Remembrance Project, a national organization dedicated to bringing awareness to America’s most forgotten: the victims killed by illegal aliens.  We are dedicated to championing our families and to preventing more innocent Americans from being separate from their loves ones.  I am also the President of the Houston Eagle Forum and a first generation American of Hispanic descent whose father legally emigrated from Mexico. 
I oppose the Gang of Eight Senate Plan in the strongest possible terms and plead with all lawmakers to oppose this extremely dangerous bill.  Its authors worked hand-in-hand with rich businessmen and amnesty advocates while never once considering the rights of the victims of illegal alien violence.  Their decisions to provide amnesty to criminal aliens – including gang members – is a slap in the face to every single victim of illegal alien violence.  Our families are being permanently separated from their loved ones, through no fault of their own.
As ICE officers and USCIS officers have warned us, this bill will legalize dangerous aliens who have been in and out of prison, who have been previously deported, who have lied to authorities, who have proven they care nothing about our laws, and who have failed to appear in court.  This bill also makes it impossible to deport virtually anybody in the future – guaranteeing criminals will take advantage of S. 744 to remain in the country and never leave.  It will put innocent civilians in more danger, and it will allow criminal gangs to continue preying upon the innocent.  This bill is a disaster in every possible respect.
The legislation also contains nothing more than a mere promise of enforcement in the distant future that will, once again, never be implemented.  The sponsors broke their promise of enforcement first.  Their bill also completely ignores our interior enforcement needs.  It allows for the dangerous sanctuary city policies to continue to operate, it provides no resources for our ICE officers and border patrol agents; and it, in fact, handcuffs our ICE officers from doing their jobs.  Any responsible immigration bill would empower ICE officers and all law enforcement– and assist them in protecting our families.
Congress needs to shred this bill and go back to the drawing board with American families as their priority.  They need to listen to the victims of illegal alien violence.  If they don’t, there will continue to be thousands more victims as a result of this bill."
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