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Start Booking Your Summer Camps With HTHT Now! Here are are few of our 2016 Summer Camp Programs:
  • Drip Drop © Get up close and personal with several different types of drops. Discover cohesion as we make a paperclip float, create your own bubble tower and much more!
  • Gas Blast © Take off on our high energy adventure into the world of gasses. Discover how gasses are made naturally and chemically. Have a gas race, build your very own anemometer and more!
  • Going in Circles © Make bubbles go in circles and build your very own Loop Plane to keep!
  • Lab 101 © Use chemicals to make slippery slime. Learn all about acids and bases with our special indicator as chemicals magically change color instantly.
  • Nutty Newton © Become a mechanic, a Newtonian Mechanic that is! Learn all about those incredible forces. Have fun as we experience the laws of physics.
  • Rock & Roll © Discover the wonderful world of rocks. Pan for gems and become a real geologist as you classify your rocks. Take home an assortment of real beauties, maybe even gold!
  • Soak It Up © Become a FUN science soaker! Discover all the neat ways that we can soak up. Explore the world of chromatography, capillary action and much more!
  • Volcanoes © Become a volcanologist and discover the Ring of Fire. Explore the awesome world of volcanoes as we move magma and erupt them!
  • And More!
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