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Special Edition
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This is a special edition of the GreenPrisons newsletter acknowledging the difficult work that all those who work inside our nation’s prisons, jails, and community corrections offices do on a daily basis. 

For most of us who work in corrections we don’t do it for the accolades or notice (though it’s nice when it comes), we do it because for us we can’t imagine doing anything else.  Very few of us grew up wanting to work in a prison or a jail but however it happened, once we found ourselves there, it was almost impossible to leave. 

We’ve all seen the meme’s that float around on facebook and other forms of social media that focus on the dangers of the job, the fact that we don’t get the same recognition that other members of the law enforcement community get. The daily challenges the harsh environment inside the walls can take on an employee’s family life, if they don’t know how to manage that stress.

Yet for all the dangers, trials and tribulations, most of us come back each day and do the very best job we can.  We know that 95% of the inmates we work with will return to our communities and if for no other reason than self-preservation it is important that we give them as many tools as we can so their return to that community is a successful one.

Green programs or “sustainable” ones as we like to refer to them at GreenPrisons, are playing an increasingly vital role in giving offenders a second chance to succeed at life.  Some programs help to train offenders in new “green collar jobs” that will prepare them for 21st century employment opportunities.  Whether those opportunities come as solar thermal installers, horticultural and landscape specialists, or other types of skills, they meet a need in the community and provide these offenders with new opportunities to experience success.

So if you work in a prison, jail or community corrections agency, we at GreenPrisons extend our thanks to you for all you do.  We know it can be a tough, dangerous, and sometimes depressing way to earn a living, but we also know that you will keep coming back doing the best you can and that’s all we can ask.  And when you experience the change in a human being, an inmate who “makes it” on the outside after they have been in your care, you can take great pride in knowing you played some small part in that offender’s success and that your community is just a little bit safer because of what you did.

Tommy Norris
Tel (859) 687-9063

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