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Helpful Information About ERMI Testing...

What is ERMI?

ERMI is the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index.  Based of leading scientific technology, Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (MSQPCR), the ERMI has brought to light the darkness of indoor mold testing.

ERMI is an objective, standardized DNA based method of testing that will identify and quantify molds.  ERMI uses the analysis of settled dust in homes and buildings to determine the concentrations of the DNA of the different species of molds.  Thirty-six species were divided into 26 species/clusters of molds associated with WDB (Group 1) and 10 common species/clusters not associated with WDB.

The mold index is the difference between Group 1 and Group 2 found in a building.  The computer ERMI values are graphed from lowest to highest.  The scale ranges from -10 up to 20.  The percentages of buildings that fall into different ERMI percentages is shown.  For example, an ERMI of 14 is in the top 25% of homes for relative mold burden. 

How to take an ERMI sample using the swiffer method:

1.  Use a swiffer dust cloth (the kind you can buy at the grocery store, Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc.)

2.  Swipe 10 different areas, in your home, school, or workplace.  USE THE SAME SWIFFER CLOTH FOR THIS.  For example, you could swipe the top of a door frame in your bedroom, the entertainment stand in your living area, a book shelf in another bedroom, etc.)  The goal is to gather dust from different areas in your home to give the total picture of possible fungal presence in the home.  

3.  After swiping the 10 areas, place the swiffer cloth in a ziplock bag and seal it. 

4.  Send the sample to Mycometrics for analysis.

It is a good idea to get an ERMI test of your environment as a baseline, to give a picture of the total fungal burden of the environment of someone with confirmed illness.

New HERTSMI-2 Test Available from Mycometrics:

Mycometrics has developed less extensive test based on the HERTSMI-2 scale.  The use of HERTSMI-2 was designed for assessing risk of known patients for illness from re-exposure.  Mycometrics is now offering a 5 species ERMI based on the HERTSMI-2 for only $125.

Again, ERMI as the initial test is ideal to determine IF a patient has been exposed, for the purpose of getting a baseline.  Once that has been determined, repeat testing utilizing the new HERTSMI-2 test will be adequate to determine the risk from re-exposure.

For more information about ERMI testing or HERTSMI-2, please click here.

We do not have ERMI test kits available, but you can visit for additional information.

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