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Integrative Oncology - Nutrition
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This newsletter is focusing on Nutrition because we consider it one of the 5 main pillars of health (physical activity, detox, dietary supplements and Mind-Body are the others)

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You can see the names and topics of the 2018 speakers.
We currently have some videos on our website - go to the VLOG section. 

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We began posting information to our site in June 1999.
Many of the original pages were summaries of talks we heard at meetings around New York City or at conferences our volunteers attended (from 1995 onward).
You can see some meeting summaries here:

Here is the summary of a 1997 meeting of the 3rd International Symposium on Nutrition.

Statement of Purpose from this conference:
The following is from the statement of purpose: "The link between cancer and nutrition has generated increased interest and support from the medical scientific community... Scientists now estimate that 40-60% of cancers are directly related to our dietary choices. Nutritional Oncology is a new field that will develop evidence on the role of nutrition in preventing cancer and improving the quality of life, and will continue to develop scientific approaches to the treatment of malnutrition which often accompanies cancer."

Organic food grandparentsKeeping in mind that the above statement was made in 1997 yet few oncologists spend any time either talking about healthy nutrition or recommending a visit to a nutritionist. 

Healthy Foods
Over our almost 20 years of Advocacy we can say there is NO one single/specific eating plan for everyone.  But there are guidelines that make sense.  Eating organic whenever possible
Avoiding added sugars (not avoiding fruits)
Avoiding artificial colors/flavors or preservatives
Avoid any type of Soda
Eating fresh food (fruits/veggies
Eating from what's called a full-color plate - all types of fruit and vegetables (variety offers more types of nutrients).
Eat less red meat (unless from pasture-fed/free-range animals).
Eat whole grains, beans, lentils.
Anti cancer vegetables (2)

We accept DONATIONS of any size to support our mission to educate and Advocate for people with cancer around Natural cancer strategies, Lifestyle changes and Holistic medicine. Our Scholarship program (for conferences) is solely supported by donations.  No one is paid at Annie Appleseed Project. 
What is Healthy Nutrition for a person with cancer?

avocado Despite what was talked about in 1997, it is not low fat, it is HEALTHY fats.

First of all real health means ORGANIC whenever possible.

Healthier fats include vegetable fat such as Avocado.  Mid-chain fatty acids such as Coconut oil. Olive oil, but don't heat to high levels, grapeseed oil can be used for that. 

Anti-inflammatory foods are recommended.
antiInflammatory diet AICR2016 - Copy (2)
Use spices and herbs when you cook.  Less table salt is a good idea since it is a sort of 'artificial' construct.  All spices and herbs offer health benefits too. Not just curcumin/turmeric, but others as well.

An article of interest A Commentary on the Nutrient-Chronic Disease Relationship and the New Paradigm of Evidence-Based Nutrition By Andrew Shao, PhD, and Douglas Mackay, ND
Mushrooms are great and are used for medicinal purposes throughout Asia. (photo as seen at the Delray Beach Green Market - 2018
mushrooms from Gratitude Farms Dec 2017  (3)
Next month's newsletter will feature a video from the 2018 conference as well as information on Detoxification, an important aspect of dealing with cancer.  In the meantime, here is our Handout on How to Do a Coffee Enema.
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