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January 2017
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We still have some slots open for Annie Appleseed Project's March 2-4, 2017 11th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference.
  • REGISTRATION and all details found here: Conference 2017
  • $249 includes 3 ORGANIC meals and snacks (breakfast spread included), exciting talks - 3 of the 18 Speakers shown above, great networking
  • Giveaways worth about $100, warm Florida winter weather, Free movie night, more
People love our conferences, they learn a lot, they meet great people, they eat amazing food.

Conference video of Kelly Turner, PhD, Author Radical Remission
Annie Appleseed Project participated in the 2nd ASCO Survivorship conference (Am Soc for Clinical Oncology)

The first conference was January 2016 with 2 board members and president, Ann Fonfa attending.  We were the ONLY people who mentioned the word 'Nutrition' at the entire meeting.  This year
Suzanne ASCO Survivorship 2017 they again held a special pre-opening session for Patients/Survivors. Suzanne Gauvreau and Ann Fonfa were there. Ann got to ask the first question, which naturally was about integrative oncology.  The rest of the two hours was taken up with everyone talking about lifestyle changes and integrative medicine options. HOWEVER, there were very few doctors present and during the rest of the conference, there were NO presentations on Integrative oncology areas at all.  There were a few posters which did discuss CAM (Complementary & Alternative) practices. 
The rest of the conference was a discussion of ways to involve Primary care physicians into the care of cancer survivors as they finish active (conventional) treatment. The doctors who participated in this meeting are very motivated to help their patients, and that was admirable.  The good news is that a reasonable number of the attendees came to our exhibit table (shown in the photo above, seeking our material.  We offered our Health-messaged postcards as well as our Handout on Reducing Toxicities and on Nutrition and Lifestyle Issues.                                                              

Download Handout on Reducing Toxicities

Why you should always use absolute risk numbers:

“New drug cuts heart attack risk in half.”

Sounds like a great drug, huh?

Yet it sounds significantly less great when you realize we’re actually talking about a 2% risk dropping to a 1% risk. The risk halved, but in a far less impressive fashion.

That’s why absolute numbers matter: They provide readers with enough information to determine the true size of the benefit.
Link to article

DONATE to Annie Appleseed Project.  We are ALL volunteers, NO office (in Ann Fonfa's house), NO staff. 100% of donations go to support our programs of gathering and spreading information as widely was we can.  We accept any size donation.  $10 up to $10,000- (more is cool too).  donation_jar_give
The Advocacy group Believe Big sent this:     Website link

"What's the update on the Mistletoe Clinical Trial?!  On December 24, 2015 we heard from the FDA that they approved the start of the trial.  In September of 2016, The Johns Hopkins Internal Review Board approved the trial commencement.  We are now just waiting on the finalization of the needed documents for the international shipment of the mistletoe extract that is produced by a German company, Helixor. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Helixor are working tirelessly to iron out the final details so that patients can be enrolled and start as soon as possible!"
European Mistletoe
Link to info on Mistletoe and cancer
Above from National Cancer Institute. Here Link to article about Ivelisse Page, Advocate for its use.

Long ago Ann Fonfa proposed the idea that animal research was lacking because the animals were fed an 'unnatural' diet.  (also note here a food item is used on mice, not humans). Here is some 'evidence' that we are missing important aspects by feeding them what we do.  (Partially she complained because they never ate junk food and thus were not comparable to 'typical' Americans).  We talk a lot about the value of good nutrition during any type of treatment or dis-ease.  ('good nutrition', defined as fresh (organic whenever possible) fruits/veggies, low to no sugar, no JUNK food, no deep-fried foods (chips count). 

An increased intake of olive oil in mice increased the number of CB2 receptors

A diet enriched with olive oil significantly increased the number of CB2 receptors in fat tissue of mice and reduced inflammation and proliferation of mice adipose tissue. This is the result of research at the National Institute for Digestive Diseases "S. de Bellis" in Bari, Italy, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging. Mice received either a standard diet with soybean oil or one of three other diets enriched with three different oils, one in which soybean oil was replaced with olive oil, one in which it was replaced with salmon oil, and the third in which it was replaced with evening primrose oil.

The cannabinoid-2 receptor (CB2 receptor) is known for its anti-obesity effects, anti-inflammatory effects as well as anti-cancer effects. Authors wrote that “the present findings open opportunities for developing novel nutritional strategies considering olive oil a key ingredient of a healthy dietary pattern.

Notarnicola M, Tutino V, Tafaro A, Bianco G, Guglielmi E, Caruso MG. Dietary olive oil induces cannabinoid CB2 receptor expression in adipose tissue of Apc(Min/+) transgenic mice. Nutr Healthy Aging. 2016;4(1):73-80.

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