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September 2011
Natural Substances Reduce Toxicity, Fight Cancer, Reduce Risk - what is the evidence?
Ann Fonfa spends part of most days reading journals, summaries of journal articles, communicating with researchers and asking lots of questions.  The Annie Appleseed Project supports the idea of research and evidence but there are many identifiable problems that need to be raised.  Some of them will be discussed here..   Some articles on evidence from our site.
 We'll also present some studies on natural substances that really ought to be given more attention.
Ann Fonfa's Random Thoughts:
Ann Fonfa, August 2011

Here's the correct link for last month's discussion of celery and toxic chemicals

Looking at the WRONG Evidence

 One method of presenting evidence is to focus on the wrong aspects.  I was just looking at a study comparing the egg quality from hens raised 'free range' versus 'caged' (conventional method).  In this study Kenneth E. Anderson , North Carolina State University used identical rearing dietary programs for both the range and cage pullets, with the only difference being the access the latter group had to the range paddock, a common hay mixture for North Carolina comprising both warm- and cool-season forages.
 One of the MOST important aspects of free range is access to bugs and naturally-growing plants or specially formulated feeds consisting of a variety of WHOLE GRAINS, alfalfa, and other items, none of which are hay.  One online reference is shown here:   
The researcher concluded that there was no difference in the egg quality (in fact accidentally discovering that both groups produced eggs with much lower levels of cholesterol than previously though - and the USDA actually changed its estimates).  And it was also found that the eggs of free-range chickens had more bet-carotene (darker-colored yolks). 
 bugs and andbugoth
Now that I mentioned WHOLE GRAIN, I want to caution cereal consumers that food labels can be very misleading.  The word 'natural' for example, has NO legal meaning.  And cereal companies are pushing the WHOLE GRAIN idea even though they offer high sugar content product, which may also be highly processed and is NOT organic unless it specifically says so.

When there is not much evidence, can a conclusion be made?

Another issue with evidence is the ease in stating that there is no evidence when in fact what is meant is that no researcher has yet been lookking for evidence - this was one way that environmental issues were not dealth with.  Many cancer advocates were talking about environmental causes of breast cancer way before it was believed to be real.  None of us understood the dismissive statements but many thought there really wasn't any evidence to find. NOT TRUE and we ALL know that now.
When is it ENOUGH Evidence?....................................................

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Bonus article from Natural Medicine Journal on Turmeric and Frankincense.

Misunderstandings & Undereducated Physicians

Lise Alschuler ND presents at 2011 conferenceCurrently it is pretty much left to each individual person to chat with their doctor(s) about their treatment choices.  Since I have been at several meetings of (ASCO) American Society for Clinical Oncology, I can say that the attendees at the CAM talks don't learn much. Instead of them gaining information on the type of studies we feature on our site, mostly what they hear is "Don't do that, don't let your patient do that", and my personal favorite "don't have anything to do with vitamin C". 
I asked Dr. David Rosenthal (at Dana Farber Cancer Center) what the evidence was to make such a statement - his answer - "I'll tell you later".  Naturally that was completely uninformative as I didn't need to know personally, but wanted all present to hear.  And I never did hear anything.  That particular meeting took place in the early 2000's.   We've got summaries of many of the CAM sessions at ASCO.

So how do you handle the fact that you read a lot on our site, and your doctor may not have?  Download an article of interest, bring it with you, and use it to start the conversation.  Sometimes the doc can surprise you with a real interest to learn. 

Annie Appleseed Project will present 2 important educational conferences in 2012:
March 1-3, 2012 in West Palm Beach, FL
September 14-15, 2012 in San Francisco, CA
First Do No Harms is the overall theme for both.
Florida will focus on detoxification and insurance issues. 

Plan to come to at least one of these, and invite your friends, and doctor, nurses, social workers, acupuncturists, massage professionals, homeopaths, psychotherapists, etc.  We'll provide CEUs/CNEs for many.

Help us raise funds to support these educational efforts by bringing our health-messaged postcards around to events in your .  We are an all-volunteer network.  AND make a tax-deductible(to the full extent of the law) donation NOW.  Thank you for your support.  We are going to announce a matching grant within the week.

Donate to our nonprofit

Want to know who's speaking - see the specific page for the event you are interested in.  San Francisco information is not fully ready but a lot has been decided for the March 2012 meeting.

Keynote speaker is Keith Block, MD, founder of the Block Medical Center in Illinois.  Dr. Block is also the author of Life Over Cancer.

The 2012 Florida conference will feature a juice bar and we'll raffle off a juicer.

Looking at the ENTIRE story - Evidence

Don't give up on organic soy.  We hear all too often that many people still think soy is an AVOID.  Absolutely untrue.  It turns out when real soy food is studied, it has many healthful proplerties. 
If soy is not labled as ORGANIC, then chances are very high that it will be genetically-modified.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s job is to protect us. But somewhere down the line they decided that the EVIDENCE on genetically-modified foods made it okay NOT to label them.  A prime example of how Evidence can be misused.  Short term studies of the effect of genetically-modified foods are not the right approach - yet this is exactly the sort of Evidence that the decision was based on.
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Yet another way that evidence gets screwed up, is that just a part of the whole is studied.  Remember the old saying "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"?  We STRONGLY support that.  Research is being done bit by teeny tiny bit - and it will never be able to envision the whole!

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