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November 2018
Updates: Natural Cancer Strategies
Annie Appleseed Project, active online since June 1999, offers Evidence-based info on cancer issues - natural substances/protocols, lifestyle and holistic therapies:
  • We find the evidence in journals, at conferences, in videos, webinars, etc.
  • Find some articles from our Archives below
  • Visit our Facebook page and/or visit our website (SEARCHable on any topic)
  • And some information about the Feb 28-March 2, 2019 conference
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We are all volunteers, patients, caregivers, healthcare practitioners, and family members.

Link to our Handout on Coffee Enemas
We cover all types of cancers, all stages, all ages BECAUSE natural approaches work.  And there are Many Paths to Wellness.
We offer Evidence-based Handouts for people using Conventional therapy who seek REAL Complementary medicine.  The SOONER you incorporate these ideas, the less harms you may suffer:

This is the Handout to Reduce Treatment Toxicities (Adult version)

This is the Handout to Reduce Treatment Toxicities (kids and families)

This is the Handout to help reduce Constipation

This is the Handout to help with Chemobrain

And here is the Spanish Handout Folleto en Español: Estrategias Naturales para Reducir las Toxicidades

Here is Spanish Medicina Complementaria y Alternativa que pueden ayudar en el proceso del cancer.

 All of the Handouts may be shared, but please retain our name and contact info.


There is NO single Magic Bullet.  Your BEST health will be a combination of the above PLUS your treatment protocol.
Here are two recent studies appearing in journals and additional support from prior studies.

One of the issues we have explained is that generally only small studies are done on natural substances. Large scale trials require millions of dollars. 

Big Pharma has specifically refused to be involved since they seek profit and cannot patent anything in nature. 

Sometimes, all too often, researcher try to isolate an active element in a natural substance and make a drug - as if that were the ONLY important element.  We disagree with this approach.

Thus decision-making takes place with a preponderance of small studies and not the large-scale randomized multi-center studies pharma drugs receive.  On the other hand, natural substances usually have less to no toxicities while pharma drugs are always toxic.

Study on Sulforaphane (Glioblastoma)

Study from Archives 2004 on Sulforaphane

Study on Ellagic Acid

Study from Library of Medicine on Ellagic Acid

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