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August 2011 Part II
Studies CONFIRM our cherished beliefs   
Ann Fonfa, founder of the Annie Appleseed Project, has been attending cancer meetings since 1995:
Every once in a while I have the pleasure of meeting researcher or clinicians who understand our work.  This meeting, in Las Vegas, was sponsored by the Omics Group, publisers of many journals), and featured a talk by every single attendee.  I met two people there who will become speakers for our March 1-3, 2012 West Palm Beach meeting.  Very exciting information will be presented.  Stephanos Pavlides, PhD is from Manchester, England, and Associate Professor Jagat Kanwar from Victoria, Australia.
Conference registration is open - read about the speakers on our site. Just follow the link to the conference 2012 page.
Natural therapies, lifestyle issues, complementary and alternative treatments from the patient perspective
Ann F. Random Thoughts:

As I spend quite a bit of time reading journals, and people from all over the world send interesting tidbits, here are some terrific bits to share.

Interestingly there was a discussion on Facebook  about an article in the New York TImes Wellness blog by Tara Parker-Pope.  Letting Doctors Make the Tough Decision by Pauline W. Chen, MD. 
What troubled me about the article (and discussion), it seemed to mix patients and family members talking about the desire people have for doctors to make decisions for them - the hard decisions when the answer is not obvious.  Just now I actually looked at the study and found, unsurprisingly that the folks who wanted the doc to decide were a) older b) less educated c) more religious and d) male (more often).

From the study: Conclusions Almost all patients want doctors to offer them choices and to consider their opinions, but most prefer to leave medical decisions to their doctor. 
I think about the need to prepare for the time when hard decisions have to be made.  One thing we ALL have to deal with is that eventually we will die.  All of us.  But being prepared is a better way to face it.  For example, many of the people reading this have chosen to incorporate natural therapies into their cancer treatments.  But are your family members on the same page? Quite often we have become self-taught and well-educated on the issues, but they have not followed us.
If we get really ill, we might not be making the decisions - so if you are prepared by writing down your wishes - you are more likely to get your way.  No guarantees but a better chance.
Health Care Proxy -  legal document that allows a patient to appoint the agent of their choice to make healthcare decisions.
Advanced Healthcare Directive - also known as a Living Will, is about the specific instructions  on actions to be taken in a variety (you specify) of health situations.  It can also prevent family arguments as they gather to figure out what you might want done or not.  Below is a nonprofit site that helps simplify it all.

I also want to encourage people to access hospice care when they become very ill.  One does NOT have to sign a contract to die.  You do get much more focused and usually better care.

How boring, we have to mention fundraising again.

GoodSearch_Take_Action3 If you SEARH or shop online, you can very simply help us by using with Annie Appleseed Project as your beneficiary. We earn a little and it costs you NOTHING.

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How many times do we read about MAJOR (cancer) breakthroughs?

Anna Enblom recognition AnnF Now that I am more than 19 years out from a cancer diagnosis, I often feel that I have heard it all before.
The news media has a definite tendency to overhype some things and totally avoid others.  Part of the problem comes from press releases - it is easy to see that many newspapers feature almost the SAME article - coming from the press release.

In 2000, Milwaukee journalist Gary Schwitzer, wrote an article entitled The Seven Words You Shouldn't Use in Medical NewsCure, Miracle, Breakthrough, Promising, Dramatic, Hope, Victim. See what he says about each of them:

If you think you cannot afford to eat ORGANIC, you'll need to think again.  This is in from (article by Jennifer Taylor) about the toxic ingredients in celery.
Acephate, Boscalid, Chlorothanlonil, Dicloran, Malathion, Fludioxonil, DCPA and about 60 more chemicals.

We feature a study on our site that fed children organic food for just one week.  They measured malathion and another pesticide and found that both were gone from the childrens' bodies.  This is exciting information.  ORGANIC is better.

People often ask how you can be sure that food labeled organic really is.  Ann's answer is that the food that is not labeled organic is ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to contain pesticides. How can we be sure about the safety of our food supply when FDA insists on no labeling for genetically-modified or irradiated foods?

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