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Dear Friend,

As we embark on a new year together, there's so much to be excited about at From our expanding #NotBuyingIt movement online to the production of a brand new film series, 2013 promises to be a big year for this community!

Next Sunday we're planning a huge social media moment: using hashtag #NotBuyingIt to comment on sexism in Super Bowl commercials in real-time. To help you keep track of all the action on Feb. 3rd, we'll be releasing a brand new #NotBuyingIt webpage over the next few days. Our goal is to reach over a million people on Super Bowl Sunday and in the process inspire hundreds of thousands to recognize their power as consumers to influence the media and advertisers.

Meanwhile, we've begun shooting our latest film project, The Mask You Live In, part one of a two-part film series on America's bifurcation of gender and the extremes of masculinity imposed on our boys and men. Over the next few months, we'll be traveling the country to interview folks about living in a society that encourages violence, dominance and aggression at the expense of empathy, care, and collaboration. My hope is that this film series engages whole new populations in challenging harmful perpetuations of gender extremes in our society! Look for the trailer early this summer. 

Thank you for all of your support thus far. Our successes wouldn't have been possible without you! We hope you will stay engaged with us throughout the coming year, and beyond, as we attempt to accelerate our already rapid pace of progress.

Together we are truly changing the way the world represents and views men and women!


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Team

#NotBuyingIt During the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is by far the most watched television event in America. And nearly half of its viewers are women and girls. So why are the commercials during the game still so disrespectful of women?

On Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, we're once again using hashtag #NotBuyingIt to call out sexism in the commercials as they air. Last year we reached nearly a million people with our live Twitter conversation, and our goal next week is to get even more people talking and learning about the misrepresentation of gender in the media!

RSVP for the event on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to participate.

Gearing up for Women’s History Month

From Paris to Alaska, communities are gearing up to celebrate Women’s History Month in March. As a tool for empowerment and discussion, we are proud that Miss Representation features at the center of many celebrations and events. Our team is busy building national and international partnerships to bring the film to corporations, nonprofits and college campuses around the world to advance the conversation.

If you’re planning an event for Women’s History Month and want to feature Miss Representation, please contact us. To join an existing event, check out our full calendar of upcoming screenings.

Sampling of Upcoming Events

Jan. 26: Buffalo, NY | University of Buffalo | 7:00pm

Feb. 5: Greenwich, CT | YWCA Greenwich | 6:30pm

Feb. 7: Dallas, TX | Dallas Women’s Foundation | 6:30pm

NYTimes: The Invisible War Forces Military To Open Up

January 24th article recognizes the impact of the Academy Award-nominated film

“The Invisible War,” a documentary about rape and sexual assault in the military that was recently nominated for an Oscar in the documentary feature category, has been credited with both persuading more women to come forward to report abuse and with forcing the military to deal more openly with the problem. In November, General Welsh met with all of the Air Force’s wing commanders and had them watch the film with him, according to an Air Force spokesman. (Read the full story at

In the News 

Op-Ed: Sexist Ad Demonstrates Tech Industry Badly Needs Women

by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Jean Kilbourne (January 10th, 2013)

The objectification of women and girls in advertising is a serious problem. It encourages men to see women as a collection of body parts rather than whole people. Ads like VOCO’s disempower women and make them feel like second-class citizens. It’s the same message women receive daily from the rest of the media--that their value lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in their capacity to lead. (Read the full op-ed at The Daily Beast)

Op-Ed: "After Newtown, besides guns, let's talk about gender" 

by Jackson Katz and Jennifer Siebel Newsom (December 20th, 2012)

What if Adam Lanza was Amanda Lanza? How would that change the national dialogue after the Newtown tragedy? Here's how: The first topic on everyone's agenda would be the gender of the perpetrator. Why would a woman do something like this?

So why aren't we asking the same question about the actual shooter? Do we simply take it for granted that rampage killings are a guy thing? (Read the full op-ed at the San Jose Mercury News)

Meet Our New Staff! is proud to introduce the newest additions to our staff: 

Ariane Trelaun, Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Lee, Distribution Director 

Wendi Gilbert, Co-Producer of The Mask You Live In Film Series

Dani Fishman, Research and Programs Manager

Ashley Epes, Executive Assistant 

We also, sadly, said goodbye to one our most valued team members this week, Christine Wilcox. Christine helped found and her leadership has been invaluable over the past year. We will miss her greatly! 

Read about our entire staff here.

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Challenging Sexism in Super Bowl Commercials

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