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FIMS reaches an exciting crossroads: Help set

the next direction!

How can FIMS help your business?

For over a year, the AMWA and the EBU have been working together on a Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) which will enable more flexible workflows and allow greater efficiencies in the program making process.


The key feature of FIMS is to break individual processes out of the traditional "hard wired" program path and treat each as a service that can be called upon as needed.  The benefits are that important processes (for example transcoding or file checking) are not "locked" into one place and are available when needed by a number of users.  This helps reduce unnecessary duplication of processes and allows them to be used efficiently.  The potential also exists to link traditional media processes with back office systems, bringing efficiencies rarely available today.


To learn more about the background for the FIMS initiative and its context in today's media industry, read Brad Gilmer's "Tying It All Together" 


Of course this approach to system architecture requires a level of control and interoperability not previously included in media system design.


At the 2011 NAB and IBC trade shows there were FIMS demonstrations which proved the viability of the concept - and were supported by a number of vendors, both at the level of service provision and service orchestration.  However, these demonstrations were provided as a proof of concept rather than as examples of real media workflows.  Now, with these successful steps behind us, we are next focusing on the needs of real media companies with real content management and real business problems to solve.


So we are now actively seeking input from any media company which feels that FIMS could help its business and would like to exploit the potential of FIMS architecture.

As you would expect, a great deal of experience has been gained from FIMS Phase 1 and there is a wide range of supporting technical documentation given in the notes below.  These will be very helpful for organizations that are well advanced in their technology planning and with a good understanding of FIMS concepts and implementation.  For example, included amongst the documentation is a template/sample for a media "use case" application for media companies who are asking for a specific technical development.


But for media companies which have not yet fully explored how FIMS could help their business or do not know how to start the discussion, we are keen to provide support and advice.  Therefore there is an alternative shorter application which requests a much simpler amount of information.  From this we will be able to help applicants form their detailed request accurately and clearly.


To ask for support in developing your media company's FIMS request, please complete and return the FIMS Request for Advice to Michael Koetter, the Chairman of the FIMS Business Board.


But we’d also like to hear other questions and ideas you may have on this subject.  You can email us at or open a discussion thread on the AMWA LinkedIn group.


Neil Dunstan

Chairman, AMWA Marketing Committee


Websites of the supporting organizations


FIMS Information


FIMS is sponsored by AMWA and the EBU.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance in streamlining your workflows.


AMWA Contact:

Barbara Main

Operations Manager

Voice: +1-608-513-5992



EBU Contact:

Ben Steward

Senior Communications Office

Tel: +41 (0)22 717 2213

Cell: +41 (0)79 244 6535


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