Back to School Special Need
August  2014
Back to School Special
Hi Friends,
I know, it seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago since we sent you our last newsletter and you are right.  We try not to over do it but when God is at work and things are happening, we just need to share them with you. 

Last week I received call from Maria Noesi, the director of the Betsayda Home for Girls.  They have an immediate need they help with.  The forty girls there will be starting classes at a local Christian school next week.  The school graciously allows the girls to attend for free.  The girls still have some expenses to attend there.  The  largest expense for the orphanage is purchasing uniforms for the girls.  This is no small task.  Each girl will need to have a set of clothes for the classroom and a set for the days they have phys ed.  The total cost for each girl is $40 US.  The total amount needed for all of the girls is $1,600 US. The orphanage does not have funds to pay for this and neither does HHU.  This is where we need your help.  This morning we received a very generous gift that will provide uniforms for 25 of the girls.  That leaves us with 15 more girls that need your help.

With the large gift we received this Good Newsmorning, I went out on a limb and sent the money in faith we would receive it.  I made the bank transfer this afternoon and sent a message to Maria telling her the money is coming.  This photo was taken as they looked at my message a few minutes ago.  The message accompanying this photo was what got to me. Unknown to me was having uniforms was a requirement for the girls to be able to attend classes at the school.  Classes start next Monday. I was told they thought they would not be able to attend because they did not have uniforms.  You can see their joy when they found out they will be able to go to school. 

We hope you will consider giving a gift to help provide uniforms for the girls.   You can mail a contribution to us with “uniforms” on the memo line or click here to give electronically.

All of the schools we work with will be starting classes next Monday  Please keep the schools, administrators, teachers and students in your prayers.  Thank you to those of you who sponsor children in these schools.  For those of you that don't, now is a good time to consider it.  It is painless and easy to do.  Click here to find some students that need help. 

In our last newsletter, I asked that you pray for us and our efforts to obtain our legal status as a non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic.  Last week we were granted that status.  This status allows us to do many things we could not do as a visiting organization.  HHU in the DR was actually incorporated as an International non-profit organization, which will save us a lot of paperwork if we decide to do projects in other countries.  We are grateful for the work of Lic. Evelyn Reyes De Los Santos for her legal work on this process.  One of the biggest benefits will be HHU will be able to open a bank account in the DR.  This will help us eliminate many of the fees we are paying to transfer money to the schools and other ministries we work with. Translated; that means more of your contributions will go to help these ministries.  

Do you remember all of the 6 "burdens" I shared with you in the last newsletter? God has been working in a big way.  Thank you to those of you who contacted me with some idea of locations that can help the boy with Cerebral Palsy (we are working on those ideas).  The next is a really long story that we do not have space to tell.  We have been able to get Yinet in the Russell Van Vleet Christian School in Santo Domingo to complete her last two years of high school. The other good news is we have found her the help she needs to get a Dominican birth certificate. The other burdens, well, we have not forgot them and we are working on some possible help and solutions for them. 

Last Call - We still have space on our fall work trip to El Toro November 1-9, 2014. This team's work will be combination construction / ministry to children.  We would love to have you join us. We are extending the deadline a few more days to see if we fill out this team. Please call or send an e-mail if you want to go.

There is one more huge note of praise.  We just closed our fiscal year on June 30. Because of your faithfulness, we saw record giving to our programs and projects. A board member from one of the schools we work with recently sent me an e-mail saying they were very impressed with how much our small organization is doing and what we are accomplishing in the Dominican Republic. They told us they were going to share our newsletter with their local church to encourage them that they can do the same thing by taking one step at a time. Our Compilation Report prepared by our CPA will be available on our website very soon.  Our pledge to you is as least 90 percent of each gift goes to the project or program you designate it for.  

Giving really is a thing of the heart.  I received an e-mail from a family that sponsors a student in one of the schools. When they showed the recent student letter to their 3 year old daughter and explained how they were helping this child, their daughter decided she wanted to help.  She ran into her room and brought out her piggy bank.  She then told her mother she wanted to use her money to buy some gifts for their sponsored child. One of those gifts was a new Bible for their student. 

We so much appreciate all of you who find ways you can help and join us in sharing God's love with others.  Thank you for putting your faith in Helping Hands Unlimited. Above all else, we praise God for allowing us to be involved in building relationships that result in people accepting Him.  People accepting Christ is what we are all about. 

Serving others in Jesus' name,
Rod Meyer
Executive Director
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