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Nov 2013: Issue #27

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At Dawn




The NCMF is excited to have noted author and historian Dr. Donald Goldstein as the guest speaker for our 12th Annual Pearl Harbor Lecture. His presentation will include insights into the Japanese outlook on the Pearl Harbor attack and the subsequent disastrous aftermath, a gap in our series that we've been hoping to fill for several years. 

The program will take place at the L3 Conference Center in the National Business Park and will be followed by lunch. There will also be a selection of books available for purchase that Dr. Goldstein has authored or co-authored.

The program fee is $20 for members and $50 for non-members and includes a one-year NCMF membership. Payment is due by 29 November and no refunds will be issued after that date. Register & pay ONLINE


Congratulations to the 2013 Cryptologic Hall of Honor inductees! As November is Native American Heritage Month, we are especially pleased to announce the induction of the Native American Code Talkers into the Hall of Honor. These heroes served in both World Wars and their frontline service, keeping U.S. tactical communications invulnerable to enemy eavesdroppers, saved thousands of American and Allied lives and enabled the success of many operations. Read more HERE

On 20 November, leaders of the U.S. House and Senate awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to Native American Code Talkers as an expression of the nation's profound gratitude. See photos HERE or watch a video of the ceremony. Don't forget to explore the Code Talkers Exhibit during your next visit to the NCM. See a short video on our site.

In addition to the Code Talkers, the following individuals were inducted into the Hall of Honor:

Vera Ruth Filby's early career included serving with the WAVES during WWII. She went on to eventually join the National Cryptologic School where for nearly 30 years she developed courses on SIGINT reporting, mentored instructors, and forged a new path by teaching SIGINT courses to partner agencies. For over 30 years, SIGINT reporting at NSA has largely borne the stamp of Vera Filby. Read more HERE

Richard Proto
anticipated the flow of technological innovation, to include inventing several information security devices, two of which were patented in his name. He established a culture and community of mathematical expertise that solidified the NSA's cryptanalytic preeminence and extended it to include top academic minds in the country. Mr. Proto also anticipated cyberspace as a battleground for national defense. Read more HERE

Washington Wong embodied language analysis and became a valued mentor to linguists in many languages. Mr. Wong grew up with near native fluency in both Chinese and Japanese and acquired knowledge and experience in additional Chinese dialects while growing up in wartime China. During his military service with the ASA, his language proficiency provided important support in many aspects of cryptologic work in Korea. After military service, he worked as a civilian language officer with the NSA and served as the Interpreter of Record for four decades in Chinese and Japanese for the director of NSA. Read more HERE.

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Mystery Symbols

The interesting symbols shown here are just a few of those featured on the stained glass windows of a Memorial Chapel located on the grounds of Lake Junaluska in North Carolina. The chapel was built as a memorial to those from the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church who served in World War II. 

The main chapel windows were dedicated in 1950. In 1954, windows were dedicated in the Room of Memory which contains a book with the names of over 90,000 veterans from the Southeast Jurisdiction. The symbols on the windows in that room are markedly different from those in the main chapel. These symbols are unique and different from simple doodles that glass makers occasionally use to balance light. What do they mean? We want to uncover this mystery in honor of our WWII veterans.

On our site, read more about these windows and the glass artist who worked on them. Plus see more photos.

NSA Ornament
As a courtesy to NCMF members, the 2013 NSA Christmas Ornament is available for purchase via the NCMF. In the NCM gift shop, the cost of the ornament is $16.50 plus tax. Your cost is $16.00, which includes the tax and your NCMF discount. Add this special ornament to your NSA ornament collection or start your collection this year!

The ornament MUST BE RESERVED and paid for in advance by check. Unfortunately, payments for the ornament will not be accepted online. Please send your check to the NCMF at P.O. Box 1682, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-9998. 

  • Take a break from your post-Thanksgiving shopping trips on 29 November and visit the NCM between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to enjoy a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the NCM's opening. There will be cake, activities, and prizes. Stay tuned to Facebook for more details.
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