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Elastica Engineering Newsletter #2 - Jan 5, 2011
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Happy 2011 Everyone! We're starting this year off with:

  • Ruberpages: Comparison Shop and Review latex designers!
  • Kink Eng Innovation: Check out new products and galleries
  • World Domination: Archean heads to Miss Rubber World 2011
  • Rubber Research: See into the future of latex prices.
Brought to you by Elastica Engineering Inc, the proud online retailer for and and more. is looking for reviews

If you haven't taken a moment to browse, I highly recommend that you do.  

It's a great database of clothing and bondage toys supporting a large variety of designers and manufacturers.  If you have ever wished that you could comparison shop, or discover new products and brands of latex... this is the place to start!

A few days ago, Rubberpages started up their own anonymous reviews section, which is a great way to find out which companies are doing quality work, and which are... well... not so great.  As a reviewer you get the chance to deal out justice by rewarding those companies that have worked hard for you, and giving a not so subtle reminder that quality counts to those who didn't make the grade.

Strap on your mask and go out reviewing.

We're asking all of our customers to take a few minutes and provide us with some feedback via Rubberpages. Love what we do? Tell the world. Think there's room for improvement? We want to know!

Rubberpages is a really valuable resource, and building up a database of reviews is invaluble. So please, take a couple minutes, check out the site and write a review (of us or anyone else you've shopped with) to help the latex shopping community become a little more informed.

New Products Added to Kink Engineering Line Up

We're happy to have rung in the holidays with a couple new products: a latex bathrobe for when you just want to be casual in your fetishwear and “The Monolith” our one- or two-person vactower.

250_ke-housecoat001 250_ke-vac-monolith-001 250_ke-vacbed-doublewide

We've also made ordering wide beds and customizing double wide beds easier. You can now order a doublewide with two different colors on the top.

Archean Running for Miss Rubber World 2011


Kink Engineering's very own latex builder/model Archean will be competing in the Miss Rubber World competition in New York on January 16th

 With some killer outfits from Ego Assassin and a stage show with Droidsy, Lotuslily and the Kink Engineering gang, we're really excited about the competition. Everyone wish her luck, and send her some good vibes on the 16th!

New Photo Gallery on

Check out our “Best of 2010” gallery, featuring new pictures of our bathrobe and a hot shoot with Archean and Tina Timebalm in the Monolith. Even hotter is the double-wide vacbed shoot – four ladies in there an still room to spare! (That thing is seriously large)

Latex on the world market - Getting More Expensive!

For those of you who read the New York Times, you may have seen a great article about why Commodity Prices have up 30% or more around the world:

"It still feels like a recession in America. But thanks to growth in developing nations, world industrial production recently passed its previous peak — and, sure enough, commodity prices are surging again."
The Finite World - Paul Krugman - NY Times December 26, 2010

We have noticed a spike in costs in our latex supply chain that corresponds to this strong demand for raw materials around the world.  So, it looks like the price of latex sheeting and latex clothing is going to go up in the near future.

We are not changing our prices on sheeting from just yet as we have reserve stock, but with our future bulk import costs going up, it looks like more expensive latex will be the new rule across the board from all manufacturers, distributors and design houses.

So, if you buy from us here at, or from across the ocean at 4D or Radical Rubber, you might want to stock up in the next month or two before our/their current stockpiles of latex need to be replaced at higher cost, and sold at higher prices.

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