GoodWeave's Back to School Special FALL 2011

As the kids in our lives go back to school this month, we at GoodWeave can’t help but think about the children in Asia who won’t – including some 250,000 boys and girls weaving a rug as you read this.

GoodWeave’s One in a Million campaign is about the power of the individual; in this newsletter we profile individual companies, classrooms, children and teachers using the power of education to transform lives. Read on to get inspired about the change makers working with GoodWeave to get kids off carpet looms and
into classrooms.


Group photo of school children
Group photograph of GoodWeave sponsored students at one of Nepal's premier private schools.  See More Photos >
Activating Young Agents of Change

Quincy, Massachusetts is headquarters for a small, powerful group called “Operation Day’s Work” (ODW). Participants expertly research and democratically select one nonprofit organization annually, most recently GoodWeave, to raise money and awareness. And this is just an extra-curricular activity: they are in middle school. GoodWeave spoke with ODW’s teacher advisor and founder Ron Adams about the power of creativity, compassion and even cynicism in young activists.   Read More >

Breaking the Education Barrier

Education can decide a child’s future – yet many kids in the weaving communities where GoodWeave operates have no such choice. GoodWeave programs break down the barriers to education, in turn breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that entraps generations of families. “Ten years ago I was weaving carpets in a dark room,“ said Raj Kumari, a rescued child weaver, “but today I am a teacher, bringing the light of education to kids who suffered like me.“  Read More >

Rugs for a One-in-a-Million Kid

No parent would want their child to play on a rug made at the expense of another. And they don’t have to – several GoodWeave members offer playful, affordable kids’ rugs that not only are made by skilled adult artisans, but also help fund children’s education in the communities where they are made.  Read More >

A Second Chance in the Classroom

The day Anu stepped back into a classroom was one of the happiest moments in her life. A bright student who was forced to quit sixth grade to weave rugs, Anu persisted in her studies with GoodWeave’s support, receiving the highest score on the Yala Institute of Health Science’s entrance exam and a full scholarship to attend.  Read More >

Young Writer Takes on Child Labor

12,500,000 weaves, 6,250,000 threads, 250,000 knots, 168 hours. Each of my threads is intricately woven with the pain and anguish of a child. Thus begins "A Day in the Life of a Persian Carpet," 12-year-old Zipporah van Oldenbarneveld’s award-winning short story about a young weaver through the “eyes” of a rug.  Read More >

High School Teacher Makes "Ripples of Hope"

Pam O'Brien
Pamela O’Brien brings some of the world’s greatest challenges into the classroom and sends her students out to change them. "I could never imagine that my voice could make such a difference," said one student who participated in Pam’s "Ripple of Hope" project to raise funds and awareness for GoodWeave.  Read More >


GoodWeave and Carini Lang Partner for 2011 Rug Raffle
Through October 20, GoodWeave supporters have a chance to win a luxurious certified carpet. donated by long-time partner and esteemed designer Carini Lang. The pure wool, 6’ x 9’ English Floral, retails for more than $6,500; raffle tickets are available for a $25 donation. All raffle proceeds support GoodWeave’s programs—programs that transform the life of kids like Anu with freedom, education and a new lease on their dreams. 
Read More >

GoodWeave Hires First Staff in Afghanistan
GoodWeave is pleased to announce its expansion into Afghanistan and the hire of its first Afghan staff. GoodWeave’s Country Director for Afghanistan, Fazel M. Wasit, previously served as the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan, and has also held positions at the World Bank and Save the Children
Read More >

GoodWeave Board Members Honored for Activism and
Social Entrepreneurship

GoodWeave board members Dan Viederman and Robin Broad were honored for their recent ground-breaking work as social entrepreneurs and activists. Dan, CEO of Verité, was named U.S. Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Geneva-based Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Robin Broad, a professor in American University’s School of International Service, was named Activist/Artist of the Month by the Culture Works Collective for her recent article in The Nation
Read More >

Faces of Freedom Photos Displayed at UN Exhibition
The UN Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is exhibiting photos from GoodWeave’s Faces of Freedom collection at the UN Headquarters as part of the Trust Fund’s 20th anniversary exhibit. Displayed during the 18th session of the Human Rights Council, the exhibition aims to increase awareness of modern slavery – including their root causes and consequences. 
View Online >

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Young Writer Takes on
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High School Teacher Makes "Ripples of Hope"

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Child Labor in and out of the Classroom

Four Ways to Learn:

Read a book for any age, from Grade 2 to college and above.

Watch a video about GoodWeave, or the film Not My Life on modern-day slavery.

Take a field trip to see Invisible: Slavery Today at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Teach about child labor using Teach UNICEF or Speak Truth to Power curricula.

Four Ways to Act:

Tell us about the moment when you recognized your education was a privilege.

Browse these whimsical, kid-friendly rugs, certified child-labor-free by GoodWeave.

Spread the word by sharing this newsletter with your community.

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